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Born from Fire

Tender age shows the drawn out shadows 

 conceals her soft youth.

Shakey grounds paved the roads throughout

her construction. Choices decided burdens

this tiny frame. But shoulders broaden by battle


Vacant,souless,haunting silhouettes gazes 

dipped crimson lines lilac pale

lips into the days facade with mortuary beauty.

Adaptation is key I'm survival. Silence is t...

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Journey Through A Psychotic Break (entry 1)

As long as I could connect and make the words flow I painted the world in my lyrics. At first I found muse even in the smallest of things. As I learned more my words grew and expanded. Rhythm fell in place and danced in my provocative scenes. But the sun's rays no longer see the point ink upon parchment. Death and macabre bleeds out. Happiness seems nonexistent. Ravens cries "Nevermore" as I sit b...

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Forever Died

esperately I cling to the constantly preyed upon memories shared fervidly. But I still can't embrace pacification for my tournament . Colors inscribe and whorls with pastels in hues of pain. Bloodied tears rolls silently down. I only die a piece more without you. I forget the mundane and drift closer to insanity. Without the lyrics in which inspires me, coldest winter nights obliterates springs yo...

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They whisper to me in the darkest shadows. Tells of deceit,horror,and mayhem. Voices stealing the safety of my sainty. I lay awake in horrible realization that the voices are shining light on your demons, the very same demons you tried to lay blame on me. All this time it was your words filling my head, and my betrayal that fills my heart.

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Have you forgotten? Oh so easily you forgotten. I am you. I am the darkness that consumes your primitive mind. Wrath,Lust, and Greed that eats the last ray of light in your soul. The carnal need that crawls under your skin. Ravaging your soul as I feast on your sins. Forever I will be the shadow haunting your primitive being

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Secretly you lit the flames of my passion. You explored all things I have kept guarded. I swore it to myself, and mostly to my heart that we were nothing more than a rendezvous. But fate wrote a different story. I fell, fell hard for you. My heart bled for you, better yet till this day my heart bleeds for you. Tucked away safely, I keep and replay the memories of the of the small moments my heart ...

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Sitting here 15 minutes past midnight. Smoke curls up into the night air. I stand with my cigarette cradled between my fingers watching the ebb and flow of the traffic. Ever softly in the back of my mind is you. In a short time, long lasting memories were made. Tangled mass of skin and sweat vows were spoken but never kept. Holding my breath, I pause in my silly thoughts a small smile slips. Such ...

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Earth Child

The days lasting rays bleed into the cold grip of night. Moon pregnant and full. The wheel ever spinning changing from Samhain into Yule. My path is ever changing. Neither black nor white. Rules mother earth bestowed to me, gracefully I accept her. Wild and wondrous, I am one with the wild beast. Every herb,berry, and leaf harvested I soothe and heal. Wild flower,woman of medicine, child of the ...

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Quietly she sits, wizened by the soft whispers
Haunting lyrics. They lull her senses with powdeyred snow. Soft,cool, and crisp. Her lips drags a razor straight line along her silken skin. Lengthy  canines slip as she dazzles ruby lips. She wears Midnight draped gracefully.  Embodiment of his desire she the lustful mystery of the full moon. Slowly she ensares the beast locked inside him. Enamored ...

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Inner Self

I am the king of all things wrong. In turn i am your queen of damnation. I am the flaw in your hierarchy, the glitch in the system. Spare me the distasteful glares. Sit upon your throne of filth. Highly seated in your royal thrones, you whisper and pass judgment because Iam all that  you fear.

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5Daydreaming vivid color as she wears rose colored. She smells the sweet sakura love is in the light breeze. She's a gypsy soul with a heart made of gold. Her eyes catches yours, the wild child fell hard. Voice smokey and full of blues, she sings out her heart for her moonlight.  Rebel without a cause found her saviour. In you i can stay many a stars. My heart is eternally enraptured. All about yo...

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Daddy's Strength

Inside of all of us is a beautiful inner strength. And you never know how strong you are untill strength is all you got left. Here and there my mind floats to many inspiring words. This too shall pass in your times of pain. When fierce winds  blows relentlessly in your face, wise woman, standfast wise lady. And when push came to shove, roll your sleeves up and push past pain. Because at the end of...

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Your lies were the small sparks that ignited these flames.
Wicked lips curved oh devilishly, such a charmer. You had every intention of this. Forked tongue speaks beautiful lies. Lies that i once held true. But my heart grew cold over time. I became frigid,souless,and heartless. The betrayal you served is unforgivable.

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My once red rose has now turned into a brittle wilt. My heart used to beat with the love i had for you...but its cold as ice. Frigid is now how I am because of all this. The shadows of yesterday are burrowed into my heart and mind as I grieve for the once in a lifetime happiness. Because of you... i am now afraid to show my real self, afraid to speak the right in this wrong. I have no...

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As you can see, the smiles have faded, put away i to a distant memory. The memories gone for far too long they gathered dust and cobwebs. Thos pictures,once vidid with life now are worn and the wall paper is tattered peeling from age. The cracks in the busted mirror brings light to flaws. Flaws of the souls that have came and went. Eerie silence fills the child's bedroom. Hauntingly a shado...

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Beauty Dark

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