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MY LONDON - Spring

In all the world there's nowhere quite

Like London on a soft spring night

When saffron sunset sends its grace

To linger on a much loved face.


 And all around the very air

Thrills with time as if aware

That this great city is the stage

For this and every other age.


So much much done:

So much to tell the setting sun.






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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Apr 2016 16:53

JC-I consider myself very lucky insofar that I came to this
city young with an open mind - and many miles by foot/wheels
(and a good few to pubs!) enabled me to gain a wide
knowledge of it and its people. It is best looked at as
a series of communities bound together by history and
local pride of its inhabitants. My early time was spent in
the docklands of the East End - then a complete change
to the West End...with a mobile mandate which added
to my knowledge. "Old London Town" has never lost its
appeal in its varied guises for this grateful inhabitant who
is blessedly aware that the London I love is far removed
from that known to the day-tripper or occasional
visitor. And remember - as a boy I was also blessed with
being born by the sea in Devon. Talk about the best of
both worlds!

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John Coopey

Thu 14th Apr 2016 18:31

One of your best, MC. I like the poem, though, much better than I like London.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Apr 2016 17:24

To Lynn, Helen and Harry - your kind comments are very
pleasing. I've been here in this great city since age 16
when I came up from the country to start work - and I'm
still here!
Harry - I hope to carry on the "My London" theme and
format to embrace summer, autumn and winter over the
coming year - and already have the lines for "summer"
in mind, with some tentative thoughts for "autumn".

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 14th Apr 2016 16:16

what a lovely restful poem M.C.1

(I`d love you to do one about a London Autumn)

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Helen Elliott

Thu 14th Apr 2016 09:31

Yes, very nicely done. I too liked the sunset couplet :)

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Lynn Dye

Wed 13th Apr 2016 22:08

I enjoyed this, MC, particularly the saffron sunset couplet. Good one.

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