Downward spiral



We’re sitting here united in disbelief

Uncomprehending, can’t hide our grief

Our heads in our hands

Tears rolling quietly down our cheeks


Things will never be the same again

All we can do is share our pain

Sitting quietly, wondering what is to come

Things will have to change from now on


Remembering the good old days

Surrounded in their rosy haze

When we ruled the world

And were top of our game


There will be a lengthy inquest

Agree a way forward that is best

But for now, leave us to our grief

It’s no fun for fans when we’ve just been relegated.


2.The Mask


What mask do you wear today?

Hiding happiness or sadness?

Just what do you say?

Reveal jollity or utter madness.


How to hide those feelings

That really burn inside

Not to scream at the ceilings

Only you can decide.


Paint on your face to hide the pain

Wear an unnatural smile

Hide the fact that inside you feel insane

Try to hang onto the smile for a while


You are hiding your real self,

On the surface all appears well

But deep down you’ve lost yourself

Suffering your own personal hell


Turn your face, avert your eyes

Be the sad or happy clown

But it will never truly disguise

Just how and why you feel so down


What will keep you going through the day

Think of family and those who love you

What mask will you wear today?

Will it be false or will it be true?



What hides in the corner of your mind?

The black thoughts that rarely see the light of day

If people looked hard what would they find?

What mask will they see today?


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