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It cuts deep within,
Its' touch gentle and soft.
It barks and howls,
Its' voice lovely and calm.

Its' thoughts are demeaning,
Its' love unconditional.
Its' presence a weight,
Pride churned in the ridicule.

It beats you to your knees,
But your kneecaps don't agree. 
You stand on your feet,
While the blades stab in deep.

The scars show malformity,
Yet the face shows ever delight.
Behind the lies of the clothing closed door,
A young face piercing bright. 

The tears echo and slide 
Down soft perky cheeks.
A wide grin displayed,
Still can't be beat.

But when the cuts began to calm,
And the stabbing proceeded to stop,
The youthful face that grinned widely
Slowly began to drop.

The sides of the mouth had once perked high,
High and high touching the cheeks.
Now they fall and fall and fall,
A frown shown to me.

I see it now, the face I have.
Finally I could find a mirror.
I see the truth, the blinding truth
It all could of ended much cleaner.


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<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 25th Apr 2016 17:06

excellent Mem!nope,it ain't nice,turning into a cross between a spud and a prune.That could happen to us.



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