Call me a tightwad - thrifty - a Scrooge
Parsimonious.  Frugal.  A miser
After this, no-one will be richer
But words might make us wiser...
Dough.  Bread.  Cabbage.  Lettuce.
Chips.  Gravy.  Bananas.  Beans
Potatoes.  Fish.  Milk.  Lolly.
If you have the biscuit - you have the means
Dosh.  Loot.  Wonga.  Readies
Nicker.  Coin.  Lucre.  Notes
Bones.  Tender.  Funds.  Swag
Guineas.  Florins.  Tanners.  Groats
Call heads or tails - send 'em spinning
Make them settle any bet
Start from scratch like poor Donald Trump
And you might just make a president yet
Copper.  Bronze.  Brass.  Tin.
Gold.  Silver.  Nugget.  Treasure
Shrapnel.  Pieces.  Nickels.  Dimes. 
A wad or a wedge might give you pleasure
Bit.  Boodle.  Bundle.  Brick
Plaster.  Paper.  Stash.
A pile or a pot is what you want
When it comes to ready cash
Rhino.  Hog.  Monkey.  Cow
Budgie.  Tiger.  Pony
Chicken feed is cheap indeed
And counterfeit is phony
Moolah.  Shekels.  Pesos.  Wampum
Motza.  Yennaps.  Zak
Dinero.  Ducats.  Doubloons.  Spondoolies
Lend it - I might pay you back
Century.  Ton.  Mint.  Bar. 
Quids.  Smackers.  Loonies
LSD.  A 'k'.  A 'g'.
A 'p'.  A 'c'.  And 'Toonies'
We've Bobs, Bucks, Bills and Joeys
Tony Benns and Aryton Sennas
Winston's proudly coming to our fivers;
Jane Austen will grace our tenners
"It makes the world go round," they say;
Alas I fear it's true
I've little money, but plenty of words
So this poem will have to do.


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David Lindsay

Sun 3rd Apr 2016 23:49

Thanks M.C - and well said :)

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Apr 2016 16:24

I admire the preparation and research that surely went
into this poem - an ode to the value of money, so to speak.
interesting though, how we admire some who are very rich
yet "knock" others with that same financial advantage.
Personally, having enough to live life without worrying about
paying bills is always a good basis for contentment. Even
better is being to help out others in need. I'm confused
why some hugely wealthy are ready to indulge themselves
frivolously with grotesque unnecessary purchases when
there is so much reward to be obtained in choosing to lift
others out of the trap of misery and despair.

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