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Clare wants a river to die

For Christmas I got dumped but.. 

Even though I lost my girlfriend I also found a pen 

Things always work out for the best in the end 

What did we expect? 

Everything happens for a reason 

She's in to poetry of course 

But doesn't know what to make of my writing 

Sorry for not changing anyway 

Thanks for everything 

Let me try chatting you up

As you talk down to me 

Had To 

Move house 

Dinner for one 

She's into the killers but hates necro 

So I sold her Coldplay CD for £ 1:50

Sick of hearing it 

Our cats dead 

She phoned me 

I write Clare without the "I" in it nowadays 

Remember us being 

Stuck in traffic 

Leaving the Trafford Centre 

I knew we would be over soon enough 

I should of walked there and then 

She said that she cried loads when we ended 

It's what I needed to hear

Then text saying 

You are addicted and still have feelings 

I had to put a stop to it 

My reply took guts 

It had to be done 

Long time no see 

How have you been? 

Keep in touch please 

Clare wants tears in my eyes 

Clare wants a river to die 

Clare wants to see me cry 

Clare wants to watch a rivers demise 

YES she answered when I asked 

Do you want to fuck somebody else? 

Thank you dearly for being so honest 

Acted not bothered 

It's only love the truth hurts 

Hope alls alright 

I am sure you will be fine 

You'll never leave V's you're future 

Maybe you can do better 

I was never friends with your mates 

We lived together but didn't really get on 

Forget me forever so 

The sex was good 

Remember you and me 

Making love like there's no tomorrow 

Felt us drifting apart 

But done nothing about it 

I would not change anything 

Glorious memories kissing in the rain 

Feared the inevitable 

She knows best 

No missed calls 

It is defo over 

Play dumb get single 

Suspicious not stupid 

Stopped speaking eventually 

Naturally became strangers again 

Remember you writing on a beach 

That you love me 

I joked until the tide comes in 

I did not mean it 

You carved a heart on a tree 

And wrote our names within 


Building from nothing 

Should of told you what I thought more often 

A beacon of hope 

A glimpse of her 

I have heard it all before 

Lifes top when 

Someone thinks that you are special 

I miss holding hands and going to bed 

Nothing else matters 

I looked at you 

Could tell things had changed 

Its not uncommon for relationships to fade 

Rounded up my housemates 

To tell them some of the things you called me 

It was hilarious 

You should of been there 

I was warned 

Got what I deserved 

Wasn't meant to be basically 


Her words not mine 


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