Boys and girls

Boys and girls
come out to play 
but boys are more often led astray 
From the moment of conception 
the boys hand holds a weapon 
pointing that willy 
willy nilly 
gradually learning to gauge the distance 
and then with age comes the decision 
to aim the weapon with more precision 
and the years of practice at pointing this piece 
plants seeds in his head
of disturbing the peace
but throwing a dart or kicking a ball
aiming at targets on a wall
striking a cue 
and driving fast cars
is the aim is the game
that he plays
but a throwback to a hunter gatherer 
provider collider
to anything that gets in his way
sits deep in his psyche 
deep in his mind
being led by his weapon 
to all else he is blind
and with a wave of a penis 
a war is created
and millions 
of boys and girls 
are depleted.



◄ When a child asks about the cruelty in the world.

The Mother. ►


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Tue 5th Apr 2016 21:54

What a great rhythm to this Ronnie. A small masterpiece of analysis and quite a deep concept all round. It can't be faulted in my view. It has humour too. It could be used almost as a reference manual for macho behaviour.

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