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Can't make sense of anything going crazy I believe can't help it need no assistance 

Jotting up pros and cons of being wrecked or restless I get by 

Isn't ideal thinking these types of thoughts I'm not special or guilty

Take no notice of me still getting to know myself

Collective consciousness is worth researching

Maddening pine forest tricks

Can live without gossip

Found a river freezing. Entered no problem

Speak up for yourself show gratitude

Drinking on the bus back from Glasgow

Landed in Shudehill the fucking rain was stupid

Headed O.T via St Georges

Clocked the cctv between the T and the E at the threatre of dreams 

Meant to go mental but didn't for a bit 

Moron mayhem 

Unhealthy reactions strange twisted logic 

Practice outbursts disturbing notions of death being a disappointment 

Out the way 

Losing everything 

Get fairly unpleasant going too far is fascinating 

Sad and frantic can't resist it involved in nutter fantasys 

Spell defeat then mess with the words unravelling 

Just blag it anyway keep breathing for me 

Stating the obvious such as respecting knobheads 

This is Atlantis before it became famous 

Chemicaly unattractive 

Don't care aswell masonic vibes empty Vatican cellars 

Burn witch's fear magic reality needs musts 

Insane being watched and getting misunderstood 

Inspirations confusing 

Plane trails do not piss me off so much anymore 

Must of worked wonders for us all together 

The entwined essence 

Combined times 

Hopes and dreams personaly forget it 

Work in progress 

Being negative in public is not productive 

Do what it takes.  Tis only a matter of time 

What level of radiation is safe again I forever miscalculate everything 

Shouting wild not sorry listening to advice is not wise 

Don't worry I watch my back confusion 

Fuck full stops 

Vermin concrete and light pollution for the kids 

Hide in you're favorite place 

Deceit deceit destination morbid got tears give in 

Leaving the house learning to love the cold 

Lost cause what called? 

Makeshift mental fiasco no fixed abode 

This is my spinning carriage on a massive ferris wheel 

Self taught fuck up plan to get barred from afew more establishments this year 

Will be crazy if you believe 

It's the thought that counts and I think 

My experience of concussion wanted to tell people how much I loved them 

Skinny dip shindig at a lake with a car dumped upside down in it 

Yes makes perfect sense 


Nothing I mean 

Something to do with the pleasant men in white coats giving me a push on the swings 

Swine welcome home I am friendly towards myself talking rubbish 

As soon as I'm given the nod proceed with caution 

Pay the landlord roadkill get off laughing 

Speak up for yourself or else keep stirring 

Odd person off mons 

Coming to terms with having no aspirations 

Mistaken for a runaway sat by The Clyde La La La 

All grown up ashamed of cute photos 

Waving around A flickering candle in the middle of the dark 

Clap Clap 

Got carried away was not being myself 

Stood by your mother's garden hardcore Hazel Grove brave new world 

Good natured superstitious ranting specialist awol expert outcast champion 

Who would dabble in the unknown 

Soon become what? 

Tell or my turn to plead it is, 


Locked out 

Wait for nothing 

That's life.

Seldom seen athlete searching for certain stones on a beach full 

Giddy artist professionaly energetic 

I yell like a roaring idiot because unfortunately I know no better 

The storm is happening 

I then beg for unity until death everyday 

The pain was 8 hours ago last time I checked 

Agony leaped from the page 

Dark robe at the door of sorts 

At least being as off key as it is easy

My poetrys alright apparently but it's mad trying to talk to me


Namedrop pole shifts 

I would behave realistically 

Getting told off for A mud on the floor B window open C footprints on roof 

Spiders, wind and madness 

Went Scotland for abit of standing stone circle action. 

I hold up a sign saying no to doom 

Pleased to meet you today I am to Ben Nevis tomorrow 

Taking Revelations with me for a change 

From one well to another in otherwords

Gold is God is Old is God is Gold is Old 

Nights away in a cave every now and then 

Always take my rubbish with me 

You like lighthouses and so do I?? Wink wink 


Spiders don't bite do they Nearly just seen something ​

Like an out of control boat  

Press delete 

◄ Thank God I went school, could of just Nearly been banged out there

Earth's Not Everything ►


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