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Expressions of Love: Part VI

Title: Time

Time flows by
Like the silky fabric
Of her dress
Each ticking second
A slight touch 
Each ticking minute
A flowing twist
Each ticking hour
A small rustle
The fabric of time
Is the fabric of her dress



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Blue Cow Delight

How could it be a cow blue as the sky

if it had wings I’m sure it would fly

and what of its milk they said chocolate was

served only on full moon simply because  

the taste so delicate went straight to the head 

with special powers even turning grass red

but of blue cows and moons 

both can’t be found soon

takes a special kind of eye  

in the right type of sky  

so th...

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A Good Book

No matter how hard I try

there's always nights of

which can never be said

is slept without having

raised from a most

comfortable bed

searching for something

to help me sleep

when mother said

“it’s all in your head!”

so I tried just that

even went to

the library and read and read

cus a good book will do that

help me relax

so there every day

I’d find ...

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BookschildhoodImaginationreal life

The Great Devour

[  ] The stress burns the brain with great fire.

[  ] The mind shrinks; the body tires.

[  ] The vivid image is no longer the building of & empire.

[  ] The tension crumbles the goals that were once desired.

[  ] For the stars they once looked upon to aim higher.

[  ] But the ground 6 feet deep they now desire.

[  ] For the pain hurts & there is no denial.

[  ] R...

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creative writingdepressionhopelessnessImagination

a pair of old cowboy boots

a pair of old cowboy boots (1950s)



Kenny and I always wanted

a pair of cowboy boots


there was no money for such

a childish wish


one day walking

in the woods

we stumbled upon a trash dump


someone richer than us

had discarded what

we considered treasures


we found old comic books

an old alarm clock

that worked, once we banged

it ...

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cowboy bootsimaginationkidstreasureswoods

Whatever We Imagine

There is greater evil in this world,
And greater good, than we ever perceive.
There is far more wrong, and far more right,
Than we ever believe.

There is only ourselves out there,
And whatever we imagine.
There is just our self to turn to,
To retain our balance.

It isn't what we meet in life
But how we choose to meet it.
It isn't what turns out in life
But what we do about it.


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meditationperceptionImaginationbalancepath of lifefaithtrust

Ginger And Fred

human imagination roams wild

soaring free atop mundane days

wild ideas coming from nowhere

weird notions, even funnier ways


I helplessly fantasise with women

shutting my eyes to imagine bliss

with movie stars and weather girls,

its them I fondle, cuddle and kiss


my Ginger boasts assets to die for

she's what any man would desire

yet for all her wondrous charm...

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gingerfredimaginationfantasiseshutting eyessparks




I had a book all full of spells

Where childhood magic

Weaved its way

Between the yellowed pages


Where dragon’s breath

Set woodland glades alight

And lost children danced

With the frightened and the fey


The teeth of angry wolves

Chewed at the edges

Whilst chattering little demons

Clawed along your spine


Strange apples fell from wizene...

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napowrimo2018day 8magiccreationchildhoodreadingwritingimaginationstory teller

Death May Be The King Of Terrors

Death May Be The King Of Terrors


Each brush stroke of a word painter

Smeared bloody crimson red

Seen through eyes that recognise

The things that can’t be touched

Behind accumulated layers of gore

Where shadows are the surface

What is felt is hidden behind

What is seen 


So your mind fills in the gaps

gives corporeality to the phantom

even as the scalpel ni...

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napowrimo2020day 14stephen kinginfluencemaster of horrorwriterimagination


Take some words

And write them down

Give them life

Give them sound

Twist them

Turn them

Make them real

Let them become

Whatever you feel


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One of my favorite games 
to play as a child 
was seeing shapes 
in the clouds: 

Dogs, cats, 
elephants, giraffes, 
airplanes, unicorns... 

It was one of the 
few pleasures 
of my childhood. 

As I grew up, 
I began to see 
scarier things:
Dragons, demons, 
torn hearts,
flaming arrows... 

Now in the archway 
of my golden years, 
I see beauty that 
brings me to tears:


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angelschildhoodcloudsdeathfamilyimaginationJoni Mitchelllifeloveloved onesmusicsingingsky

A Dark Night

Kneeling at the window as if in prayer

He looks out at the night

The surrounding trees are black shadows

Barely seen against the indigo of the sky

No stars shine tonight

But an unrisen moon lightens the air a little

With an almost imagined spectral light

Somewhere over the distant lake an owl calls

And calls again

A late moth blunders against the open window


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Angels and Monsters

I crept out the back door
to hide from the horror 
of what stood before me
too afraid to watch it anymore
People dying all around me
Tears in my tired eyes
Weary of listening to 
the same old story every time
being told to the next generation,
to learn and unlearn in one blink
of the eye
Creeping out of the light
and into the darkness of anonymity
Stepping into the obscurity
of the m...

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If I was ...

If I was a princess, of a faraway land,
Oh, how I would love to order and demand!

If I was a president of a very fancy club,
As a pet I would have a zebra colt and lion cub.

If I was the leader of a well known rescue team,
so many times I would've ridden a submarine.

If I was the owner of a restaurant so famous,
I would be rich enough to own a personal train and bus.

But I have to ...

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imaginationchilds imaginationpoetry for children

Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp

Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp


Let me sit beneath an old lamp

With its shade tilted at an angle

Tracing my finger along rough paper

Glowing in a yellow light

Lost in worlds of other’s making

Drawn from the ebb and flow of words

Upon a dim-lit page

As evening draws in

Closing around my imagination

Unthreatening, comforting,

Time passing unnaturally

Against t...

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bookscreativityimaginationreading lampreading vs pokemon go

Black Dahlia.

Lay down and close your eyes,

Above the earth and gravity below

I float somewhere beyond.


You're painting a picture in your mind

Neither here, nor there -

You belong to a space,

Unrelated to this world.

Out of reach, the stars still enrapture

The Black Dahlia has made its home,

Within your mind - and a cautious gentleness.


The Black Dahlia is neither here - ...

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Not the killing type (Part I)

I try not to question my humanity

and let me be damned,

but I’m not the killing type.

Only sometimes

I want to put out someone’s eyes

press them in or pluck them out

like the clear plastic baubles from a lifeless doll.


Like a force majeure,

rip the bricks from walls

watching architecture crumble and tumble

the relics of a past age fall,

flutter like shredded b...

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Asleep in the concious body

I don't know what he's saying
But reality keeps fading
I see no sense in those speeches
Maybe because no word of his reaches
The spirit slips away
The sounds arround transform into waves by the bay
Am I dead yet ? I don't think so
It's my imagination that want's me to bow
Bow down from its power
like I am a little coward


I am asleep in a concious body

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In The Halls Of The Kingmaker

In The Halls Of The Kingmaker

I touch the rough stone walls,
feeling the room whisper with history.
The open fires cast medieval glows,
while wood smoke threads the tapestries.
Floorboards shiver underfoot,
groaning softly in their dotage
as visitors step gently
in the footsteps of kings.

Up and around
the spiral staircase,
just wide enough
to fit a climbing guest
whose hands

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eerie feelingsghostshistoryimaginationthe pastwarwick castle

Lillie's Coffee Bar

It's a place that illuminates the freest forms of me

A few pumps on my pedals, turns of my handles, and I'm already there

Tall palms twirled in lights line the way to my imagination

Tiny bells ding against the glass door as I glide inside

Freshly roasted beans percolate through anticipation to perfection

Burlap coffee sacks hang as window shades

Handiwork of local artists accents...

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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve


Gnarled tree roots claw from the ground

scratching over disturbed graves.

Pumpkins grin their toothless snarl,

fleshy tongues of seed and fibre.

The spectral drift of chilling mist

that prods and pokes at exposed flesh.

Somewhere a creature of the night

mewls in whimpering ecstasy


Dank leaves of autumn line the paths

as little ...

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all hallows evechilds imaginationhalloweenimaginationlonely womanold womanwitchwitches cottage

Night Scented Stock

Night Scented Stock




unfamiliar room

in a strange bed

full of creaks

eyes heavy lidded

from restless sleep

shadows dance

in corners

at the edge

of your peering.

silence hisses

as the house groans

branches prise

at the window frame

scratching out

their insistent cravings

in regular tattoos

heartbeat racing


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bed wettingchilds fearfearimaginationnightmaresstrange housestrange room

The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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We Visited A Rainbow



We visited a rainbow

at school the other day.

Every colour said hello

except for gloomy grey.


We visited a rainbow,

and used its arch to slide,

then when it started raining,

we used the arch to hide.


We visited a rainbow,

but never saw its gold.

Our teacher said it’s locked away,

but we think it’s been sold.


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