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it was me

the devil sat on my shoulder today and asked me why Ichanged, why I acted this way. Honestly, I replied, Im tired of the anger. Looking back at the withdrawn girl, shes a stranger. Im deserving of a willing personality, instead of wallowing in my own self-pity. She asked me dont you miss the lust, disagreeing id rather involve myself in a way of trust. Greedy the serpent showed disrespect. With my...

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A Thousand Years of Peace

I used to think it would be an honor 
to usher in a thousand years of peace,
a willing martyr to stop senseless suffering, 
but I had no idea of the atrocities 
that would ensue between men,
or the loss of innocent children 
that we would witness with despair 
and helplessness. 

Come now Lord, end the madness, 
flood evil with love,
make our planet a peaceful place, 
before all hope i...

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