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The Sorrows

Its spine slithered, snake-like 

around the corpse of my soul

Her withered tongue extracting 

from life , what I had stole 


Come scream!

Come scream!

For the beast must be seen! 

Come swallow 


For there is 

no tomorrow !


Such a flaying shall occur

In the pits of our despair !


Creeping, seeping

Rotting eyes weeping!


The ol...

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The winter sun, poor ghost of itself,

hung milky and wan behind layers of cloud

above the huddled roofs of the town.

Buildings war-burnt and scarred,

tall trees charred and buckled, grotesque

monuments to what once thrived here.

Where was wisdom? Where was hope?

Had they become collateral damage too?

The people crept silently and wept openly,

fearful that their ...

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Uppsala Cathedral '92


I have no faith, yet
in this foreign church
I find solace,

I never expected
to need such a place,
but I sought it out.

A stranger to its ways,
I sit in silence, alone.
Its echoing ambience
embraces me.

City noise and bluster
muffled by centuries-old stone;
it welcomes and warms.

A refuge, I rest:
No more voices.
I can breathe here.
I can be here.

The sw...

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Today I sit here in my car, trying to hold back tears, trying to stay strong

A teacher....

Teach your students colors,shapes, letters, numbers, teach them about life, and now keep them safe from guns

Today I sit here in my car, trying to hold back tears, trying to stay strong, remember you are a teacher

Teach your students to not be afraid, yet in your heart you know the world is again...

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Fingers Crossed.. a poem for our times

Fingers Crossed

The buds now open, sun dispels the dark

The nights of bat give way to morning lark.

And as we emerge, blinking, into the light,

Brim full with fright, and delight,

Apprehensive, yet pensive of all we have faced

And what may lie ahead, braced

Despite it all, against the odds

We hold hands aloft, with fingers crossed.


When threads seem thin which hold...

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I think I need a jacket
It's getting very cold
I'll have a look online
It's very easy, so I'm told

I'm not sure that I like it
It feels like it's quite forced
As I swipe through all the options
But there's some I like of course

The first one was suitable,
The pockets just too shallow,
Number three felt like a winner,
Better suited to another fellow

I sometimes sit and...

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Lovehopesad poems


Sometimes justice does not prevail,
And life becomes unfair.
Sometimes the hardest workers fail,
And hope turns to despair.

Sometimes we see the fat cats thrive,
And the little people do then suffer.
Sometimes the careless do survive,
While judicious lives do become tougher.

Sometimes punished are the good,
While the sinful are rewarded.
Sometimes the best are misunderstood
And the ...

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Lost Love

To hold you in my arms one last time

To feel your touch even though I knew you weren’t really mine

To feel your lips touch mine and again feel your love 

Hoping, dreaming, wishing I could bring you back 

Hoping, dreaming, wishing to fix this shattered heart

But a touch, a kiss, my love wasn’t enough 

You’re not coming back 

You’ve chosen 

And it’s clear now

Your love is ...

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