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Come On! HONK

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The chameleon ran vertically, straight up the wall
​and disappeared though a crack infinitesimally small

“Did you just see that?” The post man exclaimed
​“They’re the masters of disguise”, I quickly explained

Running across, peering through a small crack
​The post man kept looking, dropping his sack

“Stand back and wait quietly, he’ll soon...

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It will take time to adjust to this new reality
There will be good days and bad days on the way
Along with other pre-discerned times unmentionable
Where life will be Mad Max esque and totally lawless
What will I do at such times and what will life do to me?
Tea and biscuits with pals or robbing banks with sawn offs?
Or both...

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you draw rust where heat’s been;

some passage of time;

life’s clouded outcomes;

weather or not we care.


you’re iron to me; blood strength.

took years to find you;

all: frame, hinge, key, arch;

allowing passage back.



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entry picture

The night 
has some secrets.

It is still burning 
in spite of 
its deep burns.

It shows 
it has received

It confuses us
with some

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Pickles at dawn: The Ballad of Mustard Pickle

Pickles at dawn, pickles at dawn. 

Don't let your father draw pickles at dawn.


Mustard Pickle is on the floor,

The Fish-Judge throws him smirks.

Their fruit is growing tentacles

And squeezes 'till it hurts.


The fruit unzips old onion skins

To bare the rotten flesh.

She sprays sour wounds with vinegar

To clothe the naked smell. 


The fruit then puts on hy...

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Not the killing type (Part I)

I try not to question my humanity

and let me be damned,

but I’m not the killing type.

Only sometimes

I want to put out someone’s eyes

press them in or pluck them out

like the clear plastic baubles from a lifeless doll.


Like a force majeure,

rip the bricks from walls

watching architecture crumble and tumble

the relics of a past age fall,

flutter like shredded b...

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I fell through my sofa last night,

found a dark place

where the dead collect

with old coins, crumbs

reminders,  nail clippings,

the memories of lost souls.


It was a place of horror

and I fought back

to enter my sofa once more.


You might say it was imagined

just a dream

but who knows?

who cares?



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Abstract anxiety eats at razor thinned shins,

Anguish engulfs lost and last,

Previous pretenses portray pessimistic pain,

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Oh, mighty planet of fire and of ice,

you are the bounty of life

and of all things ever made.

You belong in all worlds especially ours

where the frozen water at your poles

and the fire at your middle heart

make all life yours to control.


Creatures of fire swim in

seas of molten lava

while beings of ice glide

over infinite frozen ice la...

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fantasy planetnaturesci-fisurreal

dream sequence





In a dream of night, before me rose
I walked along an endless shore;
moist sand glowed a silvery pink,
danced to bright but waning sun;
its length moving, curved around
dotted by stars that formed a heart.
I peered ahead and looked behind,
shifted my gaze from side to side;
waiting to catch a fleeting glimpse,
to freely fall into...

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Alternative worldview as I sit on my throne,

trolleys in the car park only purpose to exist.

Tell me what is it like to be a pond?

See a mirror in your smooth serene exterior,

are you reeling inside under the surface like me?

Danger of drying up in summer stagnant stinking water.

Frozen solid two seasons later hard as stone.

Are you me or am I yo...

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The things I’ve seen will amaze a million people,

I have seen mountains of stone collapse into dust in a second and the power of the sea swallow up whole continents as if they were so many grains of sand in the tide.

I have seen the diversity of life on Planet Earth

from the dinosaurs to the aliens who will take over the world in three centuries’ time.


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another beinghidden thingsmy viewsurreal





Some of the weirdest shapes I’ve seen are hanging in the sky, a portent of things to come or so say the dark masters.

Are they here to protect us or to destroy us, to fill our lives with evil?

Iridescent colours cast their hue making shadows dance across the land.

In all the towns and cities the culturists plan their revenge to rid their domain of the dark m...

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I know a guy who works in the power station shovelling coal into the big fat hungry generator to light up the local towns and cities with the light we all take for granted.

In his spare time he likes to dress as a snail and be spanked with a large alloy-spanking paddle till his snail shell is black and blue. He once nailed his bollox to a board an...

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Gonna jump into the pond in my garden

down towards forever.

I see it crystal clear shimmering

like the very air on a winter’s day.

Love hearts stuck onto fragile flesh

mark my passage but yours is time,

stands time, as water flows and light sparkles

as distance is unwanted, direction is unknown.

On my way to you, wonder idly,

are ...

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Monochrome images swirl and collide on the surface of my mind,

round and round they go through the loops and coils of my brain.

Slowly they submerse themselves in colour, so much colour more

than in a rainbow.

Every image and sight I have ever seen is in here all waiting to show

themselves when the time is right.

The alcohol I had earli...

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