Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp

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Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp


Let me sit beneath an old lamp

With its shade tilted at an angle

Tracing my finger along rough paper

Glowing in a yellow light

Lost in worlds of other’s making

Drawn from the ebb and flow of words

Upon a dim-lit page

As evening draws in

Closing around my imagination

Unthreatening, comforting,

Time passing unnaturally

Against the ticking clock

Smiling, frowning,

Being immersed

Beneath warm passages

Of understanding

Inked, arranged,



Let me sit beneath an old lamp

With its shade tilted at an angle

Casting shadows

On what I think I know

Opening doors

That do not want to be opened

The light creeping into dark places

Illuminating, radiating,

Singing songs of hope

That keep the baying beasts at bay

That keep the dripping fangs

From innocent throats

That means I do not wander

God’s green earth

Looking for pixel phantoms

That are not there

On plastic screens

Of despair


Let me sit beneath an old lamp

With its shade tilted at an angle

For that is where

Creation dwells…


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Stu Buck

Tue 9th Aug 2016 12:47

lovely ode to books. sad to say that with libraries closing or being run more often by volunteers (wonderful people but not librarians) i fear for books. however, independent bookshops are thriving so thats one good thing. particularly like the final part about pokemon go, which is a sad fad but nicely highlights the affect technology has on us. anyone who says that AI doesnt already rule the world is wrong i think.


Tue 9th Aug 2016 02:24

And so, I was reading this and the voice of Dylan Thomas intruded..I tell you Ian, I don't know much about poetry, but it truly did.

Always love the hardcopy,


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Simon Widdop

Mon 8th Aug 2016 22:15

Brilliant poem Ian, happy to say I refuse to waste my energy on Pokemon Go (nothing against anyone that does though)

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