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Midnight In Moira's Garden

While Moira stinted not on Jacob's Creek

Red wine was a fine art I never mastered

That Saturday night was an epic session

We strode naked in her garden, plastered


My memory of events is somewhat vague

A thorn ripped the seat of my underpants

Then I was rolling about the grass, stinking

Of cat-shit, eaten alive by nocturnal ants


Moira was concerned about a hedgehog


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MidnightgardenMoirared winerumnaked

Midnight At The End Of Time

They say it will soon be over

That it's just a teenage thing

They dont know what they're saying

Last night I gave you my ring


Its like I'd known you forever

We seem to go back to Creation

To the shrine of Adam and Eve

We send our invitation


Midnight at the end of time

Midnight at the end of time

I'll love you at least until

Midnight at the end of time


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Lake Insomnia

What Dreams Are Dead?
What Rest Forgone?
For This Circle Of Sleep, I Don’t Belong.
In This Constant Time, In Which Life Divides,
I Waste Away My Prime With A Poem In Mind,
A Poem In Heart.
From The End To Start I Hear –
 The Splashing Of Dreams.
I See The Waves Apart.
In Cold Waters I Sail. Before I Start I Fail.
For My Coarse Of Sleep’s An Unforseable Trail,
A Wakeful Denial, Unjustifi...

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Cannibal JonesMidnight


Getting acquainted with the moon 
behind glass
we exchange so many glances
and on my back
a thousand heart-attacks roll past
My fingers beside, cross and uncross
as you sleep, so black
back in the real world
paid up entirely
on your subscription
to actual reality

O would you bring me a souvenir
from the envious depths of endless peace
perhaps a child or a patient nurse
or some cont...

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A Dark Night

Kneeling at the window as if in prayer

He looks out at the night

The surrounding trees are black shadows

Barely seen against the indigo of the sky

No stars shine tonight

But an unrisen moon lightens the air a little

With an almost imagined spectral light

Somewhere over the distant lake an owl calls

And calls again

A late moth blunders against the open window


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I walk alone across a pale beach

at midnight, lit by shaky moonlight

reflected from the black ribs

of disturbed sea-shallows. A sharp breeze

beckons from the dunes; inviting warmth,

with duplicitous intent. My ease is not available

for casual enticement.


No, I seek a place of peaceful aloneness

where sloughing sand is my choice,

and possibilit...

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The Silent Quill


a grated gate by midnight's light
once fell upon a sorry sight
as rain washed out the scarlet stain
the skies bowed down to hear the pain

a voice without a body heard
the sordid tale its waist did gird
one witness found, torn leaf by leaf
Creation's glory sank to grief

a tale no word was writ nor said
into the ground the silence bled
a soaked and orphaned qui...

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