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Grandpa's Checkerboard

perched upon the table

made of oak and maple

stones carved of cedar and sycamore

is grandpa’s checkerboard


when mom and dad play rummy

the children squat down on the floor

checkers begin jumping

on that old checkerboard

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The Legend of the Gawanjee

In the ancients days,
of the 1980’s.

Stories flew
around the middle school.

About a beast in the woods,
called the Gawanjee.

It came from the Pit,
of an old coal mine.

It was part lizard-man,
and a part Bigfoot.

It slept in the warmth,
of an old gob pile.

And in the winter,
it could be seen frozen.

In the ice,
of the deep, dark lakes.

Kids would tell,
of being chas...

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Being a parent

Jump in puddles and make a mess 

This life is to be lived at its best

Play in the sunshine and dance in the rain

Share in the joy and guide them through pain

We teach them to listen, we teach them to talk

We carry and hold them and teach them to walk

For all the manners we teach them use 

We must remember to use them too

We must stop and listen and see through their eyes


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the tattered old man on Christmas Eve

the tattered old man on Christmas Eve



snow was falling hard

as the old man struggled

through the deep drifts

on the country road


light shone from a

a farmhouse window

the old man smiled seeing the glow


it was a candle

the widowed mother had placed there

nightly since last Christmas Eve


a year ago

a man was found

frozen along this s...

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angleold manold housekidschristmas evesnowlight in window

the old kitchen tin box

the old kitchen tin box


the old kitchen tin box

of matches

brings back fond memories


it hung on the wall

above mama’s stove


the matches were used

for many things


to light the stove to cook

the family meals


to ignite the oil lamps

at night to light the house


to break and splinter

to make a toothpick


to light the wood burni...

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hutskidsmatchesoil lampstrash burner

a pair of old cowboy boots

a pair of old cowboy boots (1950s)



Kenny and I always wanted

a pair of cowboy boots


there was no money for such

a childish wish


one day walking

in the woods

we stumbled upon a trash dump


someone richer than us

had discarded what

we considered treasures


we found old comic books

an old alarm clock

that worked, once we banged

it ...

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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest


When you move east and west  

With no time, no rest

At that, you come upon a big treasure chest.

It was made for you

With the next jolly clue.

It was made from no other

Than colors and sketch.

Your next move, it points to the old- new riddle.

But, to get the next move you

choose, but please don’t fiddle.

Very, very good luck on the

 Big- long...

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She volunteered at the hospice,

They'd seen off her old man fine

Daytimes she was a lollipop lady

Keeping kids safe with her sign


Then she took ill, her sight went

Gradually the kids put in peril,

A brain tumour behind her eyes

Still the kids relied on old Beryl


Sadly she gave up the hospice

Painkillers made her too weary

The kids noticed she was tired


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A Monkey Wore Pink Lipstick

A Monkey wore pink lipstick
as he laughed and baked a cake
and was followed round the kitchen by a disco dancing snake, 
they were joined by a Rhino who was wearing underpants, shuffling his bum and joining in the dance,
then there came a Chicken who was roaring like a bear as and a skateboarding Elephant with long curly hair. 

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Humourkidsnonsensesilly poem

We Must Be Fair To Belinda

Like small children divorces are messy

Legal fees only add to the frustration

But perhaps the hardest thing of all

Is coping with an ex-partner's indignation


It's not easy but we must be fair to Belinda

She gave me the best years of her life

After all she is the mother of my kids

She was, all in all, a half-decent wife


Of course dear, you are my partner now


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Many days I was in darkness
Many days I cried for help
Seeing no beauty in this world
I forgot what it felt like to smile and not feel pain
A simple act of kindness
Will you come here and slide with me?
A simple question
A simple task
Sliding down the slide made me smile
And feel the love of God

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darkness to lightsmilelovekidssimplekindnessgod

Generation Atlas

You are generation Altlas

balancing the earth,

shouldering one massive burden

so trustful in its worth.


The summer's end it's coming soon now

and school 's gonna start again.

Fridays you'll be out on the street then,

protesting for this mess to end.


You see there's little chance for you,

so you take it into your own hands.

So good and righteous all your reas...

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Amaryllusfuture hopeskids

The bond

Two little boys with curly hair,

one of them brown the other blonde,

they taunt and kick,

they soothe and hug

each other just to tie a bond.


Two little boys of fearless beauty,

of restless bliss and trusting charme,

they laugh and play,

they thrive and dwell

still in their world without real harm.


Two little boys I'd give my life for

too soon will loose t...

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Amaryllusfuture hopeskidslove

Winter By: Domitille MARTIN-DENAVIT




The frozen trees without their mask

The pounds glittering near me

The wind blows, the wolves howls

Drops of freezing water hit my head, snow

My nose felt like food, something grown in land

My coat of snow closed perfectly

And my hand barely moved

And my legs, my legs, nothing

Tomorrow I will see for the first the bright sunshi...

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Winter by Boubaker Naouar


A poem written by Boubaker Naouar

The Queen of cold, is stronger than anything

She kills the trees,

She stops the roads,

She stops the school

And lock us in our houses.

Summer can chase winter,

But that is another story.



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Holi by Aryana Issa

Holi by Aryana Issa 


In India, Holi is a festival of colours

But not only that it is a day of togetherness

No matter where you are in the world

You should not have a day of togetherness or being thankful to one another… and it goes on…

Everyday should be about that

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Missing you by Aryana Issa 

Missing you by Aryana Issa 


Here I am in the middle of school

Sitting on a type of box, watching cars pass by through the fence

Surrounded by silence and people

Wishing my aunt could be here

She could travel six thousand miles in seconds

If she were here we could be reading, calling each other names,

She could be playing the ukulele, I could be singing or even listen...

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I found a rock in my shoe by Belade

I found a rock in my shoe by Belade Kodasso

I found a rock in my shoe

I found a rock on a shrew

I found a rock in my bed

I found a rock on my head

I found a rock with my tutor

I found a rock next to a sharpshooter

I found a rock close to my teacher

I found a rock for the grim reaper

I found a rock in my hair

Try find one if you dare

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Life by Domitile




Life is a present

Something you should

Never give to someone else

I still remember

When the first time

I opened my eyes

This was the memory of my birth

I have many memories

When I was still a kid

But every day I forget 

Of my past

But I will never forget

The situation happening now

The birth of my new baby sister


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The Battle of a Busy Mum

The alarm is set for some ridiculous hour

Just so I have time to shower

Before my little one wakes up bright

Even tho she was up half the night!

Time for hot coffee that I need

Can't live without my caffeine feed

I check my phone to see what's occurred

Out there in the adult world

On Facebook I see what friends are doing 

One up a mountain, one canoeing

I also live ou...

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I grew up in a world with msn,
When you would get harassed, by older men.
Begfriend with no life,
Cause he wants you to sleep with him tonight.
Fight all the things you ever thought,
Most these guys don't see their day in court.
Outruled by public judgment,
This is your last day, you make us disgusted.
You keep your heart in cement,
There's no way you can say it's consent.
How could you ...

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They say that we practice to reach a perfection
An expertise level that strives for glowing star
A glorious finish to any great radar
Ranging the mighty skills that create all action

Moving their tiny feet to a drilled, coned concourse
With the correct measures, they assume positions
Each playing to their strength, building weakness missions
And advancing their goal, of unity as force


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Duck, duck, goose, run around; duck, duck, goose, sit around
Let's play these childish games, bringing a happy smile
Laughter in the warm wind as a costumed lifestyle
Brings the kids playfulness and an amazing sound

Tag you're it, hide and seek; moving tiny motion
In the big blanket fort, we have a glass of tea
To unwind after lunch, the sharks that are in sea
Chasing these little feet as...

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We Are The Mums!

Tall Mums, short Mums

Fat Mums, thin Mums

Sporty Mums, stressy Mums

Glammy Mums, slummy Mums

All shapes and

All guises

Gauging the sizes

Of our bums Mums


Mums can cook and read books

(mostly at the same time)

Mums can sing about silly things

Just to keep in rhyme

Mums can nurse and give a cuddle

Mums can run at speed

To trouble

Mums can wipe up sic...

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My Inspiration: My Daughter

Never thought I'd be a single mom

It hit me like a bomb

Never thought I'd be all alone

Watching my very own clone

Some days are harder than most

Some days I have to fight not to choke

The stress

The weight

On my shoulders

But I have to say it all goes away when I hold her

When she looks at me

So happily

Its like I have a little piece of heaven

And those probl...

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If you've ever seen an ant

go whizzing by

faster than his friends and

with goggles on his eye's,

then without a doubt,

skidding through the plants,

you've met my friend Albert,

The skate-boarding ant.


From the day he was born

he was rushing around

hither and thither,

like a spring unwound.

His mum would despair,

“Albert, please stand still.

You need y...

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Free Write - Little Souls

Wishing humble resolution, reversed on both ends of a lucid looking glass. Hoping hopelessness, Remembering remnants, miniscule moments. What could have been different my innocents, pieces, parts, carbon copies of the softened edges of my sanctified soul. Forever asking for your eternal forgiveness. Unable to forget the forgetable fear, between your eyes.... And mine. The moment, minute, of ...

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painkidssorrowfree writeabstractloveagonytruechildrenforgiveness

Kids With Drugs-2









Kids with drugs,

it's like their

being ripped apart

by blades of a knife.


They slowly die

from their wounds.

Their souls drain

like blood from

torn vessels.


Their lives end.

Maybe not today

maybe not tomorrow,

but they eventually do.

Do we even try

to make it stop?


Just ...

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Kids With Drugs











Kids with drugs

being ripped apart

by blades of a knife.


Their lives end.

Do we even try

to make it stop?


Just getting by

each day,

have we lost sight?

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In Times of Trouble














In times of trouble,

they need me.

In times of peace,

they can't stand me.


In times of trouble,

they say, "I love

you Mom."

In times of peace,

they would rather die

than admit this.


In times of trouble,

they come to me

for advice.

In times of peace


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Do you have to dress smart to make wise?


Do you have to dress smart to make wise?

Can you better teach art wearing ties?

Aren’t there so many places

More suited to airs and graces

Than one which education supplies?

Can we make divergent thinking the norm

Whilst we’re all being forced to conform

To what seems to me an antiquated fashion

Amputated of utility and passion?

A retrograde ste...

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Jelly Babies

We braved the wasps and nettles,

feet fearing the moist scrabble of tiny frogs

and came home


with bags of dripping berries.

Elicited nods from sweet old ladies

and questions of recipes.

Oh I scored points for making jam not pies.

To see my babies lined up

neatly labelled

little bonnets


To see the sun slant through the ruby

and fee...

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