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Baby's Cry.

There was once a time,

That I dreamed for what felt like eternity -

It was all too real, 

And it left a long lasting curse upon me.


In my dream,

You appeared -

Harbouring a cold heart, but never a word.

A thought had crossed my mind -

"You and I only exist in a reality of non-existance."

So, take my hand and follow me -

Down an empty path where nobody can come be...

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Seperationborndream state


We're trapped, they said. 

I saw it, have you - 

The eyes that seemed wild with insanity? 

You only get a free one way ticket - 

To the place that feeds on the life of you.  


It's a crossroad, they said. 

One path may lead you to Heaven, 

While the other to Hell - 

However, did the naivety of your souls 

Ever give in to ignorance? 


Stealing away

A curiosi...

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alternative versiondarkdeathPurgatory


This make-believe story I predicted in my head,

To pieces upon the ground does it fall.

A happiness once experienced -

A security long gone,

And a father I had imagined -

Now a memory in which I had created.


But, the hurt inside is real -

All torn up, how does my heart continue to beat?

A trauma of the past -

Why must I remember what I wish not to?


I created...

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That Day.

I remember that day -
I was beside her,
Nervous that I was -
I took her hand in mine.

'I'm going to marry you, some day.' I declared.
Ignorant that I was,
I didn't notice -
Little by little,
She died inside.
And she wept.

I thought what I had said,
Had reached the depths of her heart -
I smiled,
Worry didn't exist in my life.

But, that was back then -
A day I would never forge...

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Whispers traveled the corridors,

Anxiety filled the air -

And there in the corner, she lay

As fine as a porcelain,

With skin as cold as ice.


Nobody dared to approach

But anyone could see,

The pills that lay nestled -

Within the palm of her hand.


And in the midst of all the tension,

The silence seemed to overwhelm -

Those who looked on wanted to run,


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If his mind was always in a daydream, 
In his eyes - the awakening of a new fear, 
And his feet - with no direction to turn. 

How do his eyes see anything - 
But his darkening soul within? 
How do his hands reach out, 
With nothing to grasp? 

It's a lonely road, 
For a soul without purpose. 
And it's about to crumble, 
Under weightless pressure.

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If Time Had Stopped.

If time had stopped, 
Where you stood and waved -
A hint of a smile that couldn't be erased, 
And we forgave each other.
Like, old friends reuniting... 
Old stories to tell and old feelings long gone.

You knew while I couldn't figure it out,
As a bystander I heard the news.
I had treated life like a dream,
And you were a form of reality as you stepped right in.
You taught me about the ...

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best friendDeathfriendshiplossloveregretssadsuicide

Grips of Depression.

Beneath a dull, greying sky - I lay, and I watch -

You stand there on hard earth

With your outstretched arms,

Beckoning me close,

And within your eyes - resides a coldness,

And I dare say - 

Belies a desperation, a vanity that encloses your heart.

Your face is a scarred mass of distrust,

And you're twisted and crippled

Yet, you've lived on -

In an endless parade of in...

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Black Dahlia.

Lay down and close your eyes,

Above the earth and gravity below

I float somewhere beyond.


You're painting a picture in your mind

Neither here, nor there -

You belong to a space,

Unrelated to this world.

Out of reach, the stars still enrapture

The Black Dahlia has made its home,

Within your mind - and a cautious gentleness.


The Black Dahlia is neither here - ...

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The Imposer.

Within that morning abyss, 
I saw an imposing figure - 
Shamed from guilt, 
She shied away. 
Oh, the sight I saw - 
A figure so small, 
Hunched over - 
A lack of senseless pride.

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