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Its Grand To Be Poor Again

cash was never king in my book

I was rarely in anyone's pocket

you were a cofirmed money spinner

more likely than not I'd mock it


its grand to be poor again

free of your money-mad clutches

some us put principle first

we'd rather live in hutches


nice maybe to have a big balance

endless cash on tap ready to burn

but Mammon exacts a heavy price

that treadmil...

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Sunday morning time

My mind is calmed now 
Just rested today as music plays
The radio emitting nothing thoughts
chilled sounds of  instruments 
Tuned to songs and voices in melancholy talk

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave
The dangers of crazed crowds
Far away from the this morning 
Sunday's best for breakfast time

6 Music BBC just beats away
A Welsh soft voice DJs to start ...

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Death Cash

Death Cash

Life insurance death payout doesn’t make sense

Surely you’re meant to be a live to enjoy the payout?

But they only pay when you’re dead and buried

Something aint right there…

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The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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In all honesty, I wrote this originally as a Country lyric but it seems to work well enough as a stand-alone item

of verse.  A fond Tribute to the late lamented "Man in Black".



I put a lot of sweat into the songs I wrote,

Every last word and every last note,

So i...

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