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entry picture

stone, stone, shell, flint

the rattle of a beach

of beach steps

on stones

the endless stone rattle



groyne divided



And the waves

of a leaden sea

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I Walk

I walk to clear my mind,
Why must I have all these thoughts circulating in my head?

I walk to get away.
Why is everything getting to me?

I walk to forget.
Why does the past loom behind me?

I walk...
I walk...
I walk...

I walk because that is the only thing I know to do. 

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Above the Valley

As we pass through this Autumn realm,

See the valley bound wraiths of mist

Withdrawing like a tide from the willow

Islands of the marshland

With their starkly black boughed trees

Damply dripping with the mist's remains,

Chill air swirls in the rising breeze, and

Black starlings line the wires beyond a barn

But the red kite in his higher flight

Is lost to sight


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AutumnCaradogCeredigionffriddhillshillsidekitesmountainsred kitesuplandsWaleswalking

Druid Lane

We came upon

A mystic way leading nowhere but the hills.

Floored in leaves, tree roofed, bank-bound

Untrodden but by wanderers for centuries past.

What lay beyond, worthy of such industry?

Perhaps a long forgotten hearth tenured by shepherd or crone.

Or did this tended track pass on to a hilltop way:

Miles now lost to grass and sheep,

A one-time druidic path to some time-er...

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Nant Lluest-Fach

Walking, I discover

Hills I never knew in thirty years of passing;

Valleys, deserted, hidden in folds and time:

Mair says once there was a community here

Self contained, sufficient unto itself


Walking, I find

Landscapes we could have seen before, perhaps shared

Their riches, dreamed their past, known their present:

I'm told these Druid hills sing history itself


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hillshistorypeacetimes pastWaleswalking

Chapter 7: A Walk Down Memory Lane

entry picture

I wake up to get dressed

Try to look my best for no one

To walk down these roads

Of unreachable dreams


Every street name reminds me

Of everything I failed to be

Why couldn't I be a Sliver Hawk

Instead I'm a Wild Hawk, falling from the sky


Maybe I should take a dive in the lilywood spring

But oh, how can I forget

I sink in water like a rock


Oh, Look h...

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The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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