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when my pencil hits the paper

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when my pencil hits the paper

and my brain begins to race,

my hand cannot keep up

with the unruly pace.


my scribbles become springs

bouncing up and down the page

with an energy quite erratic,

full of angst, or joy, or rage.


I submit myself to thee,

oh Goddess of the pen!

I beg for illumination,

for the power to go within


to unearth the sticky...

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The Way I Write

The way I write;
I brainstorm twenty titles
words or phrases 
that sound good to me
that subconsciously already feel like parts of me
I refine them
and refine them
pile them up around my feet
when I’m in the mood to write
I either start writing
(with aim or aimlessly)
until I get stuck
then grab a title
work it in the lock
release the poem that was hidden
(o, and it fee...

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Y Lolfa

My rhymes form in clouds

over the arm chair

beside my note books

and the fire


My lines are captured

and preserved

in the remains of the forest

immortalised on its pulp

My words are held captive awhile

in the bright prison cells

where machines etch their pain

on smooth white sheets


My once quiet thoughts crash

noisily onto the leaves

again and ...

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what spills onto         the page

falls from                  my mind:

it tells of                   what is there

it tastes of                 my thoughts

so they are                spread here                      with care

                                                                        as verse

the page                    becomes

my mind                    bared


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