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Humans path

The world arround left me shattered into pieces
The human is a cruel species
Keeping things up until they break down on you
If you wanna enter heaven take your place in the queue
Pick up whats left from this broken world
No reason to stay on the ground,curled
You have the choice, heaven or hell
Take the path of the sins, you'll see that you'll do well
The queue here moves much faster


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The leaves fall down
Why doesn't it make a sound ?
There is no need to frown
I'm not here to give your heart a wound
Look at the show, isn't it peaceful ?
Isn't that a reason to get cheerful ?

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Asleep in the concious body

I don't know what he's saying
But reality keeps fading
I see no sense in those speeches
Maybe because no word of his reaches
The spirit slips away
The sounds arround transform into waves by the bay
Am I dead yet ? I don't think so
It's my imagination that want's me to bow
Bow down from its power
like I am a little coward


I am asleep in a concious body

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A water drop in the ocean

You have the feeling the time stays still
I am like a waterdrop that will overspill
The oceans embraced me as their child
With my inner fear I have finally reconciled
I can't control my whim
For that I'd had to drown my demons
But they know how to swim

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A german Kiss

Ein kleiner Moment
Ein süsser Hauch
Du weisst was man zum Küssen braucht
Zwei Leute sind vonnöten
Die uns ein solch Spektakel böten
Wie der Glanz der Sterne 
Habe ich dich gerne
Du wirst für immer sein mein Augenschein

Bis wir zusammen sind Gebein 

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German poetry kiss love zweisamkeit

How we feel

You don't know how we feel
So stop judging us and our actions
You don't know how it is to have anxiety and self-destruction
All those problems aren't fiction but 100 percent real

Shut up because life is a bitch and then you die
We don't even want to say goodbye
All the persons didn't care and hurt us even without knowing
That's why our fear towards society is growing

You tell us to stop ...

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depression helpless hopeless self-destruction

Red Satin

Dark nights in red satin
Love lackin'
The feelings are deep
You are everything I need
How hard is it to see
My soul is locked and you got the key


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love desperation hope romance depression red satin

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