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Stuck in a Rut

Losing track of days

Everyday's like any day

Waiting for a chance

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stuck in a rutstuckhopelessness

The Great Devour

[  ] The stress burns the brain with great fire.

[  ] The mind shrinks; the body tires.

[  ] The vivid image is no longer the building of & empire.

[  ] The tension crumbles the goals that were once desired.

[  ] For the stars they once looked upon to aim higher.

[  ] But the ground 6 feet deep they now desire.

[  ] For the pain hurts & there is no denial.

[  ] R...

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Hold me while I fall apart

the little things I say as we sit by the waterside 

my memories start to slip away like the waves up on the bay 

 what is he who comes to my side?

all the bad things start to fade away 

take it away I say as he holds my hands

broken dreams, making plans 

hold me I’m falling apart

this feeling surely cannot last by the waterside  





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My Mum's Lover

A house,

a staircase

it was an accident

you hit me

with your words

it's my home I say

but you don’t care

you have come in


soon you will leave

but not me, her

I find my bedroom

solace and silence

the smallness of me

you have come again

I do not want you

you are not mine, hers

you smother me,

press me into bedsheets

you smell of bull swe...

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childhood traumaabusesurvivalhopelessness


When I wonder what's wrong
When I think whats going on
A Voice said 'this is what you did
Not much love exists to feed.
Tides will not change the future
Might just believe it, forever
Believed that the eyes I see
Truth in them will set me free.
Taking a huge dose of the drug
Never know what's beneath the rug
Chemical changes inside me
They will not let me be.
Let me be the free bird fl...

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Best Friend


The phone call was somewhere between 2 am to 3am, 

His voice was shaky and full of sorrow as he told me my best friend was taken from this Earth.

Drug overdoses are never easy to cope with, considering you never know someone’s true intentions as to why or how it happened.

It was all too much in such a small amount of time. 

It felt as though while you were speaking, my heart of th...

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Hope and Fear

She cried  

We cried 

We screamed 

For her not to be lonely 

Screamed at the gods to spare her 

We would give ourselves but we weren’t good enough 

How to be good enough 

So that she could be spared 

Dear God, let her be spared


Down from the face of our hope, tears fell to sizzle upon surfaces of burning wood. Pained wails, felt by the people who reached out to take...

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(Tell Me)What I Want to Hear

Please tell me if 

Please tell me now 

Have I suffered enough 

Have I fallen to the ground 

It feels like I’m falling still 


I’ve cried for help haven’t I 

Was I not that loud 

Do I even deserve the help 

Guess I’ll just shut my mouth 


I’m not okay 

Please just tell me I’m not 

Tell me 

It won’t be fine 

Admit that 

That’s alright 


I don’...

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To The Addicts Of The World

To The Addicts Of The World

Cunning baffling and powerful are the words used to describe,
The truth of what addiction is, it will take your life with a knife.
Everything you thought you were becomes lost,
All that you cherish and love, gone at what cost?

Millions of people struggle everyday and it's truly tough,
Knowing that one is too many and a thousand never enough.
Pot, heroin, me...

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Salvage the Unsalvageable

To salvage the unsalvageable, you must first believe you can

For it's something that will deteriorate beneath a trembling hand.

You must fight, lie, cheat, steal, plead for a second chance

But you must also know that the first is undoubtedly your last glance.

You can clutch and grab all that you can but come the beginning of the night,

What you say will be okay will never be alright...

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Nothing Pure, Unbroken lasts

Nothing pure, unbroken lasts,

The world changes innocence,

It's best to disregard the past.


We're fated to don the cynic's mask

In spite of life's condolences,

Nothing pure, unbroken lasts,


Despite our ill-reaching grasp,

Or self-preserving countenance, 

It's best to disregard the past.


The body decomposes fast,

we lose our precious permanence,


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