All Hallows Eve

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All Hallows Eve


Gnarled tree roots claw from the ground

scratching over disturbed graves.

Pumpkins grin their toothless snarl,

fleshy tongues of seed and fibre.

The spectral drift of chilling mist

that prods and pokes at exposed flesh.

Somewhere a creature of the night

mewls in whimpering ecstasy


Dank leaves of autumn line the paths

as little demons run around

dodging from house to pretty house

until the cottage on the hill

is all that’s left to fill their buckets.

Greed overcomes the gnawing fear,

they jostle to avoid the choice

of who will trespass the witches lair


The children come in squealing terror

wrapped in clothes of heavy gauge

their flashlights shaking from the cold

that permeates their winter coats.

A brave one steps up to the door

and taps upon it, breath held tight,

the others cower by the gate

and watch for movement in the house


She sits and stirs a boiling pot

that gurgles, splutters, coughs and gargles,

into it she drops dark things

that wriggle to escape the boiling.

Muttering in ancient words

that coil and twist as if alive.

Moonlight seeps from broken panes

washing all in filthy light.


There are no mirrors in this house,

no beauty, flowers, scent or joy,

only dust and memories

of days when things were not this way.

She has lived for many years

alone except upon this night

when company knocks at her door

and welcomes all she keeps inside.


Her smile is ancient and all knowing,

she cocks her head and sniffs the air

“Young flesh come to my humble door”

creaks from her lips of brittle leaves.

She stands and stoops to turn the latch,

a wet chuckle for inhaled breath

she catches from the other side

as slowly swings the opening door.


Come face to face with all his fears,

her hair of cobwebs blowing wild

upon the chill October air.

He turns to run but cannot move,

his friends scream loud and run away

never looking back to see

the treat bestowed upon the fool

who disturbed her on this hallows eve.

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Tue 29th Oct 2013 20:55

Brilliant stuff! Beautiful description and a pleasure to read. I've said it before and I'll say it again - clever man!

<Deleted User> (6895)

Tue 29th Oct 2013 18:26

who gave you permission to describe us...
'pumpkins begin their toothless snarl?'..AND!
who gave you permission to use a pikky of our 'oliday 'ome,where,there are 'no mirrors'
clever stuff Mr Slimdowned Whiteley.xx

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John Coopey

Mon 28th Oct 2013 22:27

Personally, I put a picture of Michael Gove on the front door to keep the kids away.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 28th Oct 2013 21:18

good, aptly worded four-beat blank.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 28th Oct 2013 12:49

Good descriptive stuff, reading in heartbeat rhythm, just as it should to keep the fear factor strong. And a open ending to titillate.

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