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Mark and Sara

Masculine war like from Mars it seems 

Fighting only injustices 

Mark wants all to live their dreams

His named princess shines 

Only the heartfelt suffer 

With struggle comes prayer 

Sam he is part of her

God heard..God knew her heart needed mending

Sam is the answer then Mark to complete 


Fertile daughter She blooms alongside her father 

Now she is a mother


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Aarecoveryearth angel

The Smallest Of Triggers

I hate how I feel

although common it seems,

having been once again

what I swore I’d not be.


Yes, despite all the talks

that I’ve had with myself,

making promises to

put the past on the shelf.


Asking Heaven to help me

and forming a plan,

putting forth my best effort

to do all I can.


But so quickly it seems

to unravel and fray,

as I lea...

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Dry relapse with no high(through the eyes of another)

I'm not a soldier but I'm at war

Clean and sober year number four 

Battles with temptation 

Past friends and relations 

Conflict miscommunication 

I get tired of waiting I'm tryna be patient 

Testing my patience 

What's expected of me isn't me 

No point trying to change me you see 

That change must only come from me 

People are not what they seem 

Reality looks dif...

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Recoveryaddictionalchaholismdrugabusemental healthmental warmental battle

At The Ledge

Each time before when I had fallen, landing in the pit below,

I found upon the ground were words that I could gather up to build

a latticework of scaffolding to climb upon so I could go

back to the surface with the crowd, but every time I found that still


I’d stay close to the ledge not knowing why I didn’t walk away.

I told myself it wasn’t wise. I asked, “why don’t you ever l...

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