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My insides writhe like pit of snakes
As my mind runs away.
It flees from my mistakes,
Made with good intent,
As fast as my ambition got me there.
Why does my ego tote me around like a child?
Why does it feel like I'm always being punished
By my mundane thoughts?
What am I doing?


I eat the snake.
I abandon my ambition.
I punish myself from now on.


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What If

Sorry for the length, but I wrote this after something that happened to one of my students a few days ago. It's the first thing I've written in a long time that is probably a song.

With acknowledgements to John Lennon

I see your tears falling

It really breaks my heart

I know right now you believe

Your world just fell apart


You can’t see through the darkness

The next move ...

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FailureJohn LennonSong lyrics

A Simple Life Process (Poem)

Though we reunite on special days and occasions.


Laughing and catching up on old days.


Some born, some pass away, 


To another world watching over us, every day.


Though we cannot fathom the very day,


Where one will part away, 


To another world, 


And leave our place.


It is this day and age, 


We must accept,


The rules tha...

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adversitiesfailurefamilypoems on spiritualitytriumph

May I Never

A poem about getting old... and staying young.

May I Never      

I may never rule the world with theories so fine

May never run past Bolt, smile and duck across the line.

I may never meet Mandela, Obama or the Queen,

I may never solve all wars, or stop leaders being mean.

I may never reach a hundred, run for thirty miles,

I may never help the hungry, turn their cries to happy...

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Red Velvet Sand

I feel the pricks of sand beneath my tender hands,

As though I were sat atop a shattered glass beach,

With my head cocked towards the blissful Sky.


I don't understand how this could be;

As I do not feel,

the pain of others within the crevices of my fingers.


For I was born to rain upon this world,

In magnificent showers.


But where I am now

-- between the se...

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adolescencedepressiondoubtfailurefamilyfearhopelessRed Velvet Sandstuck

Ashes of a Phoenix

Looking towards my hands,

I feel them mutter a tone,

Of disdain and sadness,

Dirty and pale, bleeding out from within.


The colors of the honeycomb which is my life,

Building in a way to demonstrate the failures and flaws of my being,

To make it simply this: I feel trapped.


Trapped between the Rock and the grass of an ever developing future,

One, of course, that I ...

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Ashes of a Phoenixbleedingdepressiondoubtfailurefamilyfearhopelessmisery

Yet Still I Run

How many times can one person be reinvented

I have run from myself so many times

I have fled from who I am

in order to be someone better

But always I fall short

Always I fail

Always I become someone changed but still the same

Always I leave behind the good

And carry with me the bad

I flee from the things I hate

Like a bat out of hell

I try to outrun the parts of my...

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betterchangechangingfailureparts of myselfreinventedreinvention of selfrunrunningselftrying to be better

Anti-climatical paradox

 It is an anti-climactical relapse into the repression and suppression of life. 

You'll be on a cloud of positivity held in the captivity of optimism. 

And then as if your minds been hit by a tun of bricks that indicate the euphemism of the candidness of reality.


 As you get older you realise that the higher you climb the further it is to fall, 

so you get indecisive between the f...

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anticlimaxcontentmenteuphemismfailureglobalisationhappinessjourneylifelovemodern lifeParadoxrealitysuccesstechnology

The dead white faces

entry picture

Rub a dub dub

three men in a tub

drifting to the bottom

of their watery club.


Each day descend new members

raining through the surf

like floating fiery embers

burning out their worth,


reduced to something 

less than smoke

deep down submerged

its here they choke.


Where hope succumb’s

to a refugee’s sea,

no longer a burden

to whoever it be,


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failurehumanityhypocrisylack of

On The Slag Heap

entry picture

On The Slag Heap


Quenching the eternal flame,

the furnaces won’t burn again,

the northern dragons will lay still -

the Government has had its fill.


At its heart a molten core

that will implode and beat no more.

The mill will close, the light will die

and in the dark the ghosts will cry.


The workers will go home to bed

not knowing if their family’s fed


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closurefailureindustryredcarsteel work

Chapter 5: Dreams and Failures

entry picture

Waking up from another bad dream 
Or maybe I was having a flashback
Cause most of the time, I can't tell what’s real or not
And the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. 

In the mirror, I'm the one that everyone wants to be
Like the jocks on the football team
Or those famous Hollywood stars you see on T.V. 
But in the real world, I'm just a boy with a broken pen. 

So I get dress...

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Retribution (From My Beautiful Lie)

(This poem is the second part to my previous poem 'My Beautiful Lie' http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/blogentry.php?blogentryid=36793)


The lie I created I hid far behind,
Blind - vacuous and vapid, my rapid descent
Into madness was sealed, with gladness
The concealed face of my own lot was lost
And the cost of this deception was total,
Brutal at the very point of inception...

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Kultur Kampf

entry picture


Plebeian culture wanders out and proud –

The cult of drugs; discordant music jams;

Moronic rap and savage hip-hop ‘slams’:

Unchecked emotion snarled in hate aloud.

Now I, for one, take quite another view

and give plebeian culture not a glance;

mere childish chaff born of unhappy chance,

a savage skit to which scant praise is due.

But why is it esteemed, and...

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The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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