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have you seen Love?

I've never seen Love so close before. Until I did. Love is beautiful, she is strong too. Love carries the world almost all by herself. I always admired her from afar, i've seen her in the TV's or on the radio. Love seems like she can concure anything and everything. I've seen Love in coffee shops, or walking the dim lighted streets. Again I always admired her, I was so scared to meet her. Until I ...

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As I recall, you cried the first night we met

I found it unusual though charming

Soon it became clear you cried too easily

That daily weep was something alarming


Tears should be for special occasions

Justified by unmitigated joy or grief

Not turned on like a tap by ephemera

But controlled, orderly and brief


I decided to give you something to cry at

Began to roa...

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Mother Earth

The Earth Cries - Poem by Marie Causey

Look up at the skies ask your self why is it man is destroying a thing of beauty. Greed and laziness in anchored deep in mans hearts and his foot steps lead to destruction of his and children’s future well being. Your Actions are destroying a land a universal home for the lord god’s children. You pollute the oceans and the ozone the lord created to protect...

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Earthcryingmother earth

Used to

I used to be happy

I used to smile

But I am broken

It's been this way for awhile


I used to dream big

I used to be strong

Life got in the way

And it didn't take long


Lying in bed

My heart is racing

My mind won't shut off

These thoughts that I'm facing


Maybe they're better off

Without the burden of me

I feel so lost and alone

I can sense th...

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Cooling Towers

Parking the car
out by the cooling towers
breathe the quiet in
lit by the moon
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those sad miles behind me...

Remember when we were nineteen
kissing in the back seat
tucked into the kerb
lit by our lust
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those mad miles behind me...

When we were nineteen
everything was a fire
everything was flame
but everyt...

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A Hunger

Cracker Barrel shouldn't make you cry. 
That is a sentence that no one should have to explain.
Facebook, should occasionally make you cry.
That's a sentence that I think most people don't have to explain.


Sad children in a country that I probably couldn't find if I researched every piece of paper with any writing on it in my house.

Which is a lot.

Just for reference.



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Connor LannesHungerFacebookCryingBurden


I feel like I am choking,

drowning in my unspilt tears. 

But the dams don't yet break even though the buoy in my throat is rising with the sea

and the canal that is my throat, tightens. 


No matter how hard my mind steers the sails away from the emotional storm within,

The crashing seas cannot help but spill over the edge of the boat. 


My tears are smooth like the PVC ma...

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Crycryingsad poemsailorseawater

Saint Valentine's Day Mascara

Saint Valentine’s Day Mascara

She cried when I forgot.
She cried when I remembered,
her tears like silver arrows
to my heart,
her eyes black-lined with sorrow.

The ink, barely dried,
smudged with liquid joy.
A big wet splash on the ‘o’
turning ‘love’ into ‘live’
and crowning my name
like a liquid tiara
for a princess
in a cruel land.

Granting wishes
like kisses.
So I wished s...

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cryingdeathlost lovelovest valentines daytearsvalentine


My PC died. My PC died taking the bones of what was to be my next collection with it.

It is unrecoverable, short of taking a £700 punt on forensic recovery.

Gutted doesn't come close.

I'm reverting back to notebook and pen


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Human Wreckage

See their faces so jaded

With all the torturous barking they hear

Over and over and over again

Assaulting their innocent ears

Our mouths keep spitting out poison

There’s bile wrapped in every word

After all these years of affection

How did our love become so absurd?


And I hope, just hope

You sleep sound and safe in your single bed on this night

I kn...

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The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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