Have a Try

Hi I am Mary and my cat is Bill

who’s green and fat but never ill

he loves to talk and can’t sit still

and often colors to get his fill

drawing pink penguins and orange

dolphins of each both had a million

cousins I said

“who could imagine that…such a funny cat!”  

“but it’s easy,” Bill replied without fear

“all you need is hold what’s dear”

so don’t be shy do have a t...

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Completely New

It’s usually said 

sometime with dread

when excited there’s no head


and that’s very true 

the brain often flew

wanting something new


can’t stay still very long

I’m up and quickly gone

feeling wonderfully strong 


I’m a child of eight 

who wont stop even at a gate

for this is going to be GREAT!!


and should you be able to stay 

lots of fun co...

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Clever Tara

Our dog ran away what could I say

as she pulls on my hand

simply wouldn’t stay 

was gone in a flash

where the leash from behind 

bounced with a crash 

I chased wildly behind 

without any gain

as the poor thing ran going insane

the clamor the clacking 

making such a roar

all the neighbors tore from 

their front door

“what’s this my goodness?!”  

they all ye...

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Blue Cow Delight

How could it be a cow blue as the sky

if it had wings I’m sure it would fly

and what of its milk they said chocolate was

served only on full moon simply because  

the taste so delicate went straight to the head 

with special powers even turning grass red

but of blue cows and moons 

both can’t be found soon

takes a special kind of eye  

in the right type of sky  

so th...

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Big Package For Little Dink 

It can’t be said cus I’ve lost my head forgotten more than we’ll ever know when the big package arrived for 

Little Dink 

simply wasn’t enough time to even think wrapped in yellow gold with bright purple bow 

looked more than 173 years old for I knew it must be as today’s 

the day of Little Dink’s birthday 

so there we all sat along the floor 

full of presents galore 

counted ...

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100 Feet Tall


Walking home from school instead 

of turning left I turned right

before me stood such a sight

all blue and green it stood 100 feet tall 

though not the least bit mean

I’m sure of this his smiled so bright  

brought a warmth to my heavy heart 

because today in class I had to start 

reading how we’re hurting our 

mother the good Mother Earth 

with fires that burn f...

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protecting the environment#enviromentrespect

Best Friends

A best friend is always there

one who truly cares

help you when you’re feeling down

make you laugh remove that frown

give support cus you can’t play sports

show the way from a tiring day

a best friend is ready helping steady

to that very end

on to the next they will surely send me

even if it offends me

looking out when I can’t decide

whether to stand or to hide


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A Good Book

No matter how hard I try

there's always nights of

which can never be said

is slept without having

raised from a most

comfortable bed

searching for something

to help me sleep

when mother said

“it’s all in your head!”

so I tried just that

even went to

the library and read and read

cus a good book will do that

help me relax

so there every day

I’d find ...

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