The wrath of my anger ain't what it's meant for me.
The struggles and expectations set out for what I'm supposed to be.

I've lost years on mistakes I've made and paid the price.
Reclaim the missing pieces, so i can start a new with my new life.

I stumble with the blocks on the road I'm meant to cross.
It seems happiness ain't a place to find.

How my heart is conflicted to very co...

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My Little Black Cat

Hello little black cat

Dear friend of mine

You are the most constant comfort I always find

Your purrs soften every moment of sadness 

Your little paws tapping on my side 

When my head is dropping low 

You remind me to find peace 

In moments I’m at war with myself

O little black cat 

I could never thank you enough 

For all that you do

When everything seems far away


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I sat on our favourite 

park bench

Holding the echo

of your hand

Catching your smile

in glimmers of sunlight 

The cherry blossom tree

crying delicate tears

of soft petals

brushing my skin

with gentle kisses

I closed my eyes

and saw you shaking that tree

Blowing all those little kisses

over to me

Your smile like the sunrise 

Your eyes of sapphire blue


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

I had a dream | Shhh |


The Truth Will Out

Whatever you do. Whatever you say-
The truth shall always out one day.
It shall be seen. It shall be known -
Whether done with others or alone.

It shall be found out. It shall be discovered.
It shall be unravelled and uncovered.
What you've spent. What you've saved,
What you've said and how you've behaved.

How hard you've tried. How much you've learned,
We'll see what you've seized an...

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Stuart VannerTruth


1994 was our first time here

the summer blistered then too


I remember memorizing

the scant directions, the final one

turn left at the ruined piano.


Over the subsequent decade

the decrepit music box disappeared

piece by piece, eventually 

replaced by a hand painted sign 

for pizza at Chez Nelly in the village


Of course we have aged, but

the land has n...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

In the thin darkness | Letter from Loubes-Bernac (part 3) | Letter from Loubes-Bernac 2 | Letter from Loubes-Bernac |


one day I woke up
tired of taking the oxygen in my lungs for granted

so now I breathe
and as I breathe

so I live


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Seems like only yesterday I left all that behind

No more lousy rat-race, commute or daily grind

I started work from university

At Grimethorpe I was almost 23

A 20-year stint with the NCB

A green nerd

But now work is just a four letter word.


But like thousands that I worked with I survived redundancy

So wearing my best suit and tie I sold consultancy

The money and th...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Origin of Silence

He came like an ancient prophecy

sparked by the howling of the seasons.

Those who pursued him knew nothing of his arts

They did not see him sewn into the four winds

They did not hear him no matter how loud he sang.

In this time of virus and plague true hunger bares its teeth.

A fierce breaking, a shaking and a flailing

A swooning and a sweating, a cruel fever falling

All ab...

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poetryprophecyperformance poetryspoken wordaustralian poets

the 8th rain (08/04/2022)

and the rain falls 
uncountable hanging crystals --
all the chandeliers in all of the dreams ever 
falling and cracking at once 
shattered against the cooling summer pavement 

we beg to hold on to each drop 
to freeze a beautiful, perfect now 
still and cool, on the precipice of everything 
but there is no stopping the tumble 
no stopping the March 
the mechanics of the lost and found:...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

the 8th moon (08/04/2022) |

rain comes with the moonsure why not

Winter is Coming

We wake to the rumbling thunder of blood,
Pumping hearts, twisted hearts, this shadow and I
Squeeze into the thick silences of trees.
Soon the dark lights of Christmastide will afflict us
Twilight memories drift, flux and flicker
In this breeze of Time,
Penumbra-beginning, hologram-end,
Such pungent affirmations, slip into a past that does not last:
Generations of suffering: eyes lifte...

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Also by John E Marks:

Incident | The RUINS of NINEVEH | SOLVING | Anniversary of a genocide | Far Away | Pressure on the NHS | Haunted | circus mirror |

Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G., BARROW-IN-FURNESS, SEEN WITH A PAL - SUMMER 2001


Forest, wind-farm, fell-views and sands behind,
    The train, while crossing Barrow’s waters,
Startled the swans and ducks bridge-side aligned.

Soon seen as we walked from the train station:
    Two huge jibs, each over its new warship;
And works - largest we’d viewed in the nation.

Neat roundabouts link busy dockside...

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A slip up by a primary school teacher asking questions.

"What does the chicken give you Pete ?"

Pete answers ,"the chicken gives us meat ."

"What does the pig give you Chris?"

"The pig gives us bacon miss ."

"Great answers,what does the fat cow give us Hugh?"

"The fat cow gives us too much homework to do !!"

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Also by hugh:

A greedy wife. | A young girl elated by a kind complement | August the 2nd ,my birthday !!! |

All Day Breakfast

Your bad hours fizz

in a squirming glass,

and as cheery as they

had previously seemed

you require the waitress to

please change these flowers -

they're fake;

this head, please ... this universe ...

Hope the bellowing coffee

can fill you without any serious

danger of overflowing.



you only needed to pin down

the laughing words;

today you're th...

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You fuckers

must be good 

without tomorrows 

every pleasure 

running through your mouth 


ignoring history 


the mirror 

your only window out 


I wouldn’t know anything 

walking in the rain 

tightroping pavement

dreaming of love 


avoiding crowds

eating books

making this 

little art  


your supporters 

teach me 

something deep 


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Quantum Reasoning | Material Needs |

Blind Harper


The unforseen emergence of music
great blessing that we can be thankful for
came late in the singularly bright day.
Love had shone through the ubiquitous branch
then deepening dusk wrought a subtle change.
Imagination, all wonders, and fears,
came to parallel the world as given.
When night was found black and untrustworthy
music was the welcome light leading on.


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Words Of Encouragement |


Facts are very boring; this much is true.

It’s hard to face them by the light of day;

Much easier to make the truth become

What you or someone else would like to say.


You will deny you dropped that bomb or shell;

You say the other side attacked its own.

You muddy waters, sow some seeds of doubt.

And cast the bleeding obvious as unknown.


You say you’re sceptical of...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Tanks |

factfake news

The 2 Sides of Grief

I see 2 sides to grief in many a case.
The public face and the private face.
A face that shows you're 'over it' side.
And the opposite you hide.
A side that shows you laugh and joke.
Another that shows a heart still broke.
An enjoyable day, followed up by guilt.
Tears of joy, but followed by tears spilt.
2 sides of grief, one for public display.
And the 'not over it' one, I've ...

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For the Present...

“Have you got a present for me?!

William asks with a high-pitched

Lilting rise and fall…

But I have no presents ready at all.

“You had all presents, William,

The last time you came!”


Every time he visits us,

His question remains the same.

“Have you got a present for me?”


I then considered a poetic reply,

To circumvent a potential rift.

“William, every mom...

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Also by John Botterill:

Be Proud! | A Holiday Job at the Woolgrowers |

check yourself

check yourself fool
check your judgement
check yourself by judging yourself
pride yourself by judging yourself
pride yourself by judging your judgement
respect yourself is by judging yourself
respect your pride is by judging your pride

to fool yourself is to check yourself
to fool yourself is to respect yourself
respect is to honor yourself
to honor yourself is to honor your respect

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A c🌌sm🌌s of my 🌌wn

I don't dance the dance of life until the butterflies come out

of their hiding places, petals waiting simply to unfold.

I don't mind that I am diff'rent, that is just the way it is

I enjoy it when it's warm and I enjoy it when it's cold.

Yet I love myself, I like myself enjoy myself a lot

whether past or present, future or a timeless on the clock.

It's the way my clocky ticks; So...

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Where's world heading?

We are heading forward,

No one's going backward 

But where exactly are we going 

Marching ourselves into War? 


Are we heading towards destruction? 

Or we are moving ahead in life of peace 

No riots, no violence nothing but ease 

But we are moving towards total catastrophe 


Where are we going 

Is it the end of earth 

Are we really living 

Or we just taking...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Scene behind closed doors | Three questions in the grave |

Army Factory or Pit

Army, Factory or Pit   (Villanelle)


A corrupt careers master, who thought he was it

To a lad, just fourteen and naïve

Said your options are, Army, Factory or Pit


A master of nothing, who knew Jack Shit

The innocent will always believe

A corrupt careers master, who thought he was it


High on praise, acclaim and plaudit

In a position of trust to aggrieve


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Pure Gold

Sunrise over fields of hay
bathes the land in a warm glow
Gold spilling down from the sky 
pours over the world below 

Early risers drink it in
this splendid start to the day 
A stunning August morning
nature’s artwork on display

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Also by julie callaghan:

Silver Lining | Comparisons Made | Pride Of England | Kirkby Lonsdale Poetry Festival |

long night

published at Asahi Haikuist Network


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Also by Frederick Kesner:

pact | restlessness | new days seen |


No Fool...

Foolhardy perhaps but hardly a fool,

when Dan ventured to stand on a two-legged stool;

people gathered around thinking he'd surely fail

but success was ensured by some glue and a nail!

Into the floor Dan had secretly placed

these anchors to hold the stool as he faced

the crowd of onlookers who said he was mad

but Dan was a winner and the people were had!

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I still think of you, all these years on,

from all those years we had. You

used to make us sleep with the light

on and I still do – for it feels like

switching that switch will flush

the past down the drain. That’s where

years of writing went when at the end

of our time together, you said “I don’t

want to be in it.” So I could only bin it.


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Alone With My Thoughts.

I sit here


With my thoughts 

I open the doors

To my ghosts

And in they come


At first they are shy

Like wisps of smoke

In the air

But I beckon them 

And before long

They rush in

All vying for me

To reply


They float unconsciously 

They are like visitors

Who outstayed their welcome 

But now I feel bad

Just a little sad

Who asked...

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Also by Clare:

This Old House. |

Must ang


Freedom , speed , power ,beauty

Silhouette against the sun

The water hole he drinks from’s muddy

 paws the soil the droughts begun.


Star of the screen,

boyhood dreams , colts and Winchesters

Chaps , lassoes 

Goodies, baddies, whose who?

Mustang carries all, 

until he falls


Harnessed by the Cowboy 

Free under the Indian tribe

The great Americ...

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They let you down sweet child 

27 as you predicted 

Your heart was broken lady 

Neglected fooled addicted 

They could never get your soul though 

You guarded it so proudly 

Displayed it in your words 

As you sang your heart out loudly 

You created history sweet angel 

Unfinished unnurtured child 

Your Nurtured soul we cradle 

Soul cleansed with tears you cried 


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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

MUSHROOM SUNDAY the return of Yolanda |

Amy Winehouse poemmusiclyrics

Merseyside Poets Read for Peace


Merseyside poets, singers and musicians have come together to perform a gig for Peace at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead.


Organised by Wirral poets Michelle Wright and Barry Woods, the event highlighted current conflicts around the world and featured work from their new community anthology ‘Poets for Peace’, which is available to read for free on Facebook.


‘We are uni...

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*great sayings

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Also by N.B:

RIP | *chessboard chaos | *what's missing? |

Towards the change.

After loosing all from a trap of chaos,

vicious cycle full of an unpleasant journey it had been,


All the childhood dreams shattered and were suppressed by the dominating powers of my wrong beliefs.

The false beliefs from where they came?


As I see the world through my younger eyes,

I see all the brightness, beauty and

all the top places I wanted to be

the prettiest dr...

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The Clock tells the same Time

The Clock tells the same Time


A haunting melody spoke of a time long ago

A time of great suffering now barely remembered

A violin alone was able to take people back into a darkness

To a time of persecution and torment

As cattle trucks transported people to their deaths

War crimes, when is war not a crime?

Humanity debased itself in a blanket of hatred and perversion


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There's beauty in everything we see 

The moon although isn't blemish free

But at night it looks beautifully lovely 


There's use of everything we have 

Even a leaking bucket can prove useful 

If it's used wisely as a planter to grow flowers 


There's always a lesson in every event of our life 

Relationship that turned sour and stale after angry tale 

Still has a sto...

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Also by Moonlight:

Love and me |

An end to a Means

A reason to be part of you

Is knowing you are true

It’s better this way 

At least for today

I want to be with you


You know what I’m like

I know you so well

But only time will tell

Let’s face up to the change

Just rearrange

All things that seemed so strange


A house that’s built

On solid ground

Has no subsidence found 

But if you build a house on s...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Tell Me |

A Strange Journey

A Strange Journey/Michael Kwack

Entering a souvenir store on the road, 
I realized I’d lost my luggage.

The wallet was well kept in my back pocket; 
​But money for the remaining days,
And passport, business card, party clothes, etc.,
All were in that suitcase I'd lost.

I didn't remember
Which roads I'd been walking along,
And at which store I'd let go of my trunk.

I turned ar...

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The scrawl across the stars, 

confusion writ large, 

illegible as the illimitable, 

like graffiti that adorns

the grand wall of emptiness, 

or dazed watercolours

on the canvas of vastness;

and though the universe

breathes within each

grain of sand that

graces every hourglass,

such the solipsism of man, 

that the need for centrality

blinds to ultimate reality....

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Lightning Bugs

Once the sun sets and the roads are covered in night

the crunch of the gravel a guiding sound

just a bit of the moon coming through the trees

loud and hushed and calm then a cool breeze

uncertainty every step of the way

uncertain of how or which or stay

crickets and owls and bats swing low

oh, how quick your habits grow 

I burn and then freeze, fear and flight

there is n...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Metaphor |

Do you ever?

Do you ever just have tears fall down your eyes?

You have a memory suddenly flash and your heart begins to beat fast and before you know it you're back in the past 

You are wondering what did you do wrong to deserve all the pain from the one you loved 

You have done everything you can think of to get over the hurt 

You want more than anything to forget her voice, her hugs, her eyes, th...

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Broken-heartedlovebreak-upbrokensadnessmemorylove hurts


Precious serpent

Serpent of precious feathers

Wisest of men

It makes too much sense, when you think of it

Everywhere you go, you see precious serpents

Digging their fangs into those less precious

They are vile, but they wear precious feathers

They live in nice houses and exchange pleasantries with the wisest of men

Many serpents look wonderful at first

The paintings are ...

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Long Distance Relationship

Just the first two words let you know about all the restrictions that you gonna have in the last word of this phrase. "Long Distance" because of which the only point of interaction you can have on a daily basis is via messages, calls, or video calls. This means meeting your partner in person is a very special occasion as it occurs after quite a long period of time, and much more things.

But how did...

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long distance lovelong distance relationshiploveloyaltytrue love


Deep in the sky..

the blossom bloomed..

the same smile is yours..

blooms at the night..

as sweet as corn a

s cute as kids









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Always a song that tugged

at the heartstrings.

But over the years it took on

a melancholy, mournful note.

So many disappointments,

hands of God, penalty shoot-outs,

racist abuse on social media.


But that was then. That was the men.

Now, at the final whistle, they’re

playing our song, at Wembley!

The gods have smiled on us,

restored our faith. The longer


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