An infomania infused

with mythomania, 

as lines are blurred

by yielders to temptation,

ready to concoct, distort

any narrative, while

playing willy-nilly gods,

in a scramble for verisimilitude

that always seduces,

yet produces little

more than manicured falsehoods.


And the truth doesn't

get any younger;

it ossifies,

untold and forlorn,

a casualty of casuistry,

vying for the vengeance

of its validity,

unheeded yet whispered

by fools who forewarned...

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Holden Moncrieff

Thu 15th Dec 2022 01:34

Thank you so much, John, I truly appreciate your very thoughtful comment! I really don't aim for 'mystical encryption', but I suppose I end up with that!😄
As for 'infomania', I can't take credit for it, not my neologism!😎

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Wed 14th Dec 2022 05:03

There are some good words in here. The first one that struck me was "infomania" - is that a neologism of your own?

I also like (and am familiar with) verisimilitude and casuistry.

Your poems seem to contain a lot in a few, terse words - seem to be a concise way of reporting - often only one sentence - replete with profound vocabulary.

At the same time I am not always sure I get what lies behind your mystical encryption - but sometimes I think I do.


Holden Moncrieff

Sun 11th Dec 2022 02:19

Thank you so much, John, your kind comment means a lot! 😎

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John Botterill

Sat 10th Dec 2022 11:48

A commentary on our times. Very impressive, Holden. 😎

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