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As you may know, I have just published a collection of poems on the war in Ukraine, entitled 'The Shape of Ukraine'. There are forty poems in the book, many of which have been shared with WOL readers, and WOL was kind enough to feature a news item on the collection.

In many ways it was sad to have to write these poems, but I think it is important to keep this tragic and pointless war in the spotlight. Let us hope and pray that a solution to all the pain and suffering is found soon.

The book can be obtained from Amazon UK for £4.99. A kindle version is also available. All proceeds will go to Ukrainian charities.


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 12th Dec 2022 17:17

Thank you so much, Brenda. I hope that you and your group will enjoy the book. I think your approach of taking the poems slowly is quite right. Odd though it may sound, I tried to avoid making the content too unpleasant, preferring to present the tragedy of war in a more ironic or indirect manner. However, the collection is inevitably not a light read, though I hope that there is an element of optimism, and even humour, in some of the poems.

Once again, thank you for your support.

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Brenda Wells

Mon 12th Dec 2022 16:35

Thank you for doing this Stephen.
I've bought a copy and am slowly reading my way through, they're poems to be sampled slowly, given the gravity of the subject.
I will mention the book at my poetry group this week and wish you every success with the venture.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 4th Dec 2022 09:11

Thank you for your kind words, Helène. War is really nothing more than (sort of) legalised murder and violence. Whoever thought they had the right to do it!?

And thanks to Greg, Rudyard, Holden, Julie, KJ, John; K Lynn and Leon for the support.

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Fri 2nd Dec 2022 16:25

Blessings on you Stephen for publishing & writing this book. War is insane; maybe on the other side of this physical life on earth (heaven or some other interesting dimension?) we will understand why creatures on this planet never stop fighting & killing each other. In the meanwhile, we will keep saying "no more war!" Thank you for this.

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