Look skyward to Orion

as antidote to mundanity,

but dive, also, after the divine,

where a dolphin rescues Arion. 


Glory, remember, 

will glow soon

solely within embers;


Sainthood is sung

in a minor key 

as doubt saturates

the depth of field;


And even a moonlit Christ

can, in a trice, 

be denied thrice. 


Perhaps time is defied

only when an omen

in earnest turns

into an amen...

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Holden Moncrieff

Fri 23rd Dec 2022 19:29

Thank you so much, Leon, that's a very kind comment, and greatly encouraging! 😊

<Deleted User> (34685)

Fri 23rd Dec 2022 09:58

Its obvious Holden how much thought you put into your poems
-quite a lot in my opinion-each one an ace!


Holden Moncrieff

Fri 23rd Dec 2022 01:33

Thank you so much, Stephen, Uilleam, and Bethany, your truly lovely comments mean a lot, and I'm glad you enjoyed the poem! 😊💖

<Deleted User> (33540)

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 21:47

You never fail to please Holden. Thank you.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 10:35

Thanks Holden; every day I learn something new...then one day, I'll know everything and pop my clogs!😉

"Arion is often called the inventor of the dithyrambic poetry, and of the name dithyramb."

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 07:13

Thank you, Holden. The sight of Orion in a clear, cold night sky is certainly an antidote to mundanity.

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