No Doubt

When I was young

I would look at my grandmother & other old people

& wonder,

what is it like to grow so old

that so many people you love

are dead & gone?

Grandma never talked much about this,

although she made a joke

that she was the only one of 11 siblings left,

so surely,

"God must have forgotten me,"

she would say with a chuckle.

Now I am old

& the hand of death

has reached down & lifted away

so many people I love

& I have the answer to my question: what is it like?

For me, it is thus:

Sometimes, in the early morn,

when I am curled up

under my cozy blanket

in my comfy chair,

my mind goes soft as cotton,

a puffy cloud of peace descends

& they come a visitin'--

the beloveds who have passed,

sweet & kind, they say hello,

we are with you, we love you.

When this happens, 

my joy overflows--

indescribable bounty

of wonder.

Other times, when they flash into my mind during busy days,

I miss them so much

my heart breaks into pieces that sparkle in the ether

with sadness

tinged with the warmth of their love.

And so it is, 

we live, we love, we die.

Love continues,

of this I have no doubt.

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Sat 3rd Dec 2022 15:48

Yes, Graham & wife, no baggage would be lovely! Alas, family seems to come w/ we just keep trying.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 2nd Dec 2022 17:31

Sorry Helene a charming poem by the way!

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 2nd Dec 2022 17:30

My wife of 51 years and I often have the conversation about whether it is better to live, love, have a family or to have remained single, independent, no baggage etc!.

It should be obvious what we concluded, but there will eventually be unbearable loss for one of us!!

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