Wealth and power

I'll make you a lesson for the whole world to see - Almighty said to Pharoah 

Pharaoh was punished by God almighty till eternity 

For his arrogance, oppression, blasphemy and everything evil 

Although when he was alive, he was powerful and richest man on earth 

Now he lies like an evil skeleton without beauty, health or riches 

No coffin for him, no grave, not even air. Nothing but a museum

This is the end of those who forget God almighty's power 

They have to pay back everything to whom it rightfully belongs 

Be it their body, name, fame, power, riches or huge palaces they live in 

Ultimate end any sane person would desire is a bed of mud in duniya 

And heaven an eternal abode in the afterlife 

But those insanely are the one's who lose their duniya and akhirah both 

Taking advantage of all the gifts bestowed upon them by Allah 

And using the money and power only to subdue others 

In the end they receive in full compense what insolently they earned 

And if you still don't believe, go see the richest man's body sealed in museum 

Pharaoh, an example of Lord's anger over such blasphemous human beings 



Don't count your blessings of wealth and power 

Unless you use these to establish God's rule and peace 

Else it's all useless whether you own luxurious Lamborghini or Private jets 

Setting out on cruise with friends and family for showing off wealth to poorly 

Makes you not richer but more obnoxious like Pharaoh an evil human being 


Don't use your health to oppress the weak 

If you are blessed, utilize your powers to establish God's rule 

For that's best you can do to help your mission achieve 

Spreading peace, justice, happiness all over the globe of Almighty 


Don't use your knowledge to manipulate and Gaslight others 

These isn't what knowledge is blessed to us for 

Utilize it to spread the word of God to those who are unaware of it 

What you sow, you'll soon reap, in the form of your own children and progeny 

A generation blessed by God almighty or punished till eternity 




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Ghazala lari

Tue 6th Dec 2022 01:36

Thank you Keith for your detailed view. I appreciate your opinion over the matter.
Not all wealthy and powerful are bad. We have examples of zulqarnain, king David/ dawood alaihis salam and King Solomon/ prophet Sulaiman peace be upon him. They were wealthy and powerful but used their wealth and power as per God's will and therefore were very successful.

This poem only shows the pros n cons and leaves the reader to take heed or still find faults in the poet for showing the mirror. Some people just don't want to be told good things. They get offended and start abusing out of utter frustration.

But Keith you always take my poems in the right spirit. You have a clean soul and a broad mind.

Thanks Keith.🌷

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keith jeffries

Mon 5th Dec 2022 09:22

A poem which clearly speaks of accountability before God at the end of life. We are all given a variety of gifts to enrich the lives of others. If we ignore this then we enrich only our own lives to the detriment of others. Hypocrisy abounds amongst the wealthy and powerful and they will go to no ends to keep their ill gotten gains and power. Politicians wield power supposedly on the behalf of the people but in reality feather their own nests. This brings anger and resentment but rest assured they will all be held to account. As with the Pharaohs of Egypt as they lie in their tombs bedecked with wealth, they took nothing with them when their time came only their misdeeds.
An excellent poem.
Thank you for this

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