Come Sit with Me

Come sit with me, sailor

Tell me your tales

You’ve travelled the oceans

You’ve danced with dolphins

And sung with whales



Your weathered voice

So husky and wizened

It give me the chills

I’m eager to hear

All that you hold dear



We have time to kill

I’ve nowhere to be

We’ll drink whiskey

And wine

Til we’ve had our fill


Tell me your...

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Trollies in Kremenchuk

I curse the bloody things sometimes.

Last Monday at the Shopping Mall

I grabbed one but a wheel was jammed.

The next one veered off to the right

And the last trolley in the row

Simply collapsed before my eyes.

I went outside to the car park

And spotted a shiny model

In the far corner. Just the job,

I thought, and marched off to claim it.

Light and mobile, it was perfe...

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People With Hearts

The world is full of different people

Some at home, others on the steeple

A few that shows care and appreciation

While others paint their true image with decoration

No two people will ever be the same

Some with pure hearts, others just playing a game

Making it difficult to trust and believe

Since nowadays it is all about lies and deceives

Being nice has become a crime


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Our Turkish Pet

Here in our Turkish garden
we have a central water feature 
Two ponds joined by a waterfall
home to a mysterious creature  

No one has ever caught a glimpse 
he always stays hidden out of sight 
I have searched for him many times 
morning to noon and into the night

We may never have spotted him
but everyone knows that he lives there 
He often gives himself away 
when he replies to t...

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i survived NYC

My brain is leaking out my nose.

leaving an imprint on the soles of my shoes as I walk on,
it splatters, 
as the birds pitter, patter on,
a minuscule impact behind the larger one.
the sky tilts with me,
fa-l (how do you spell -alling? i thnik.  ha;ve I ‘forgtten’ HO?W t0 write to )


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experimental poetrypoemlonger poempoetryquirky

age appropriate dilemmas







In this lifetime of striving
childhood's tentative bumbling,
youth's arrogant impertinence,
middle-aged regimented conceit,
in old age, encrusted intolerance;
when will we likely ever win?





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Hello again Mr. Ink

Hello again Mr. Ink,

It's been a long time and I'm kinda glad.

Everytime you come around is because things are bad.

I havn't felt the need to have you in my life.

But lately...

That desire has been back.

The need to write my feelings down. 

The need to cry as I type..

Funny how back then I worte with pen and paper with my tears runing down. 

Look at me now..

All grown...

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Nothing in life remains the same

If there's a down today 

Be sure tomorrow there will be up again


Nobody remains the same in life

Those who are your perfidious enemy today 

May become your staunchest friend in times to come


Never be disappointed in life's journey 

If there's a huge mountain or an ocean vast 

God will soon provide you strength and aircraft 



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When you came to me, through the open window
All the torn envelopes of me came into your hands,
There was nothing in them — just love that you could throw away –
If you chose. You threw it straight back to me, I caught it, we were away.

You gave me a lot of praise with your eyes
For being alive
I thought you are desiring reciprocation, but you weren’t
You, too, just wanted love.
You were...

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No Body Cares

Why cry, just smile

cuz nobody cares


If it hurts, if it pains

nobody cares.


If it is difficult; if it's scary

nobody cares.


If you are low, if you are sad

nobody cares.


If you are tired, if you are struggling

nobody cares.


Just keep going, just keep smiling, just keep trying,

Even if nobody cares...




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Also by Krishna:

........... |

No love


There was a time  when I was in love 

'My moon' that I called him 

Once upon a time it was divine 

Now it's a ghost from the past 

It haunts me and taunts me lots 


There was once a time 

I was madly in love with time 

He was just that awesome guy 

I fell in love with, head to toe 

He reversed it, when he found his love 



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Put that stone down and turn your back!

Look a little further within.

Guilt is ubiquitous. It crosses our land.

There is no one you can crucify

To take away your sin.


Stop screaming abuse at your TV,

Condemning the proclivities of celebrity!

They are no different to you, or me.

We know temptation only too well.

Faults you see in others, correct in yourself.

Not e...

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Self Discovery

Self Discovery


Welcome to the real me

for I have made a discovery

From beneath the veneer of conformity

I have realised my true identity

The old self of endless falsehood

has been transformed into a new personhood

I have come to accept my own ecstasy

where I acknowledge my predilictions and some fantasy

A new person has emerged for all to see

and there are some w...

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Izzy's First Wimbledon

We started camping on sunday to get our tuesday centre court tickets Steph and I made some good friends in the queue who wanted tuesday tickets too on entry we rushed to the shop Steph bought a Roger hat I bought a Rafa top then we had a posh sandwich lunch before meeting our new friends for strawberries and cream followed by a glass or two of pimms Deb and Jo had been before and showed us around ...

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Also by Telboy:


Now and Again.

Now and again

I have to remind myself

that shopping in the kids section as an adult

wasn’t an achievement.

But, when he hugs me


he can wrap an arm around me

and I fit inside.

I am proud. 

I have to remind myself

that going to sleep with a belly that begs

does not mean I have won. 

I have to remind myself,

that hearing my heart

does not mean that I am...

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Also by ali:

In Bloom. |

A Simple Question

I asked God, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked Allah, what is my purpose? 

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked the Buddha, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked my daughter,  what is my purpose?

She said, with a wrinkled brow 

To be my Dad, of course 

To have met & married my Mam


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'Long tall Sally she's built for speed'

We're waiting for Macca

'She's got everything'

At Glastonbury

'That uncle John needs'

Oldest performer to top the bill

'O babee'

Not long now

'Yeaaaaah babeee'

We just can't wait

'Havin' some fun

Tonight’ !

@David Subacchi

June 2022.




June 2022.

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I ask myself if I love you? Am I attached to you

in the way you always say you are to me?


I test myself by thinking of being without you,

or of something bad happening to you


These tests stir a deep sadness in me for a time

The pieces of feelings assemble now with clarity

This is how I build my love

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Counting fingers

Shall I count
my friends? -
use my memory
or my fingers?  -
when looking
in the mirror
do their smiles
smile back? -
when wiping cutlery
does the weight
of near
forgotten voices
hang heavy? -
or do they shine
for me 
a laughing knowing gleam
of welcome? “
Words and image Tommy Carroll

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Probe of Life

me and the world


both suffering in 

unexplainable pain

but why are you smiling

like a poem that has not


but why the flowers are so 

blissed, smelling like


why the world itself 

is quite avernal

with the flowers in it?


Monday 14:20

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Also by İrem Duygu KÖMÜRCÜ:

Evil | Murth |

Sabr and shukr (patience and gratitude)

Never lose hope, never give in to gloom

This life is only a test prepared for afterlife 

Never give up on life and think difficulties are doom

It's only there to make you strong and attain Jannah eventually 


Sometimes your destiny takes a different turn

What we pray for isn't granted to us

Allah makes us wait, wait and wait little more longer 

To finally bestow upon us th...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Ameen | Dedicated to Allah (s.w.t) 🌹🌹🌹 |




Have you ever used a bidet

For washing feet or bits?

Or played a round of croquet

Had high tea at the Ritz?


Are you good with 12 bore shotguns

When on a peasant shoot?

Is your name too double barrelled

Are your family full of loot?


Have you eaten oysters, caviar

Or used a butter knife?

Do you know what canapes are

Are Defenders on your drive?


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Also by mike booth:

Liminal |


Maybe I'm Amazed

Millions tuned in to the B.B.C to watch Paul McCartney among many other singers and groups perform at Glastonbury.

Dance tonight festival

Singalong rock concert

Enthusiastic Beatle fans

Ageless songs playing

Vocally engaged atmosphere

Reliving ob le di ob le da

Let me roll

It to ya

Elevating your love

Past joins present

Tribute to John

Unforgetable George Harris...

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non-stop feel good sounds does it for me

Trains : Business As Usual

Train leaves Brighton at 7.03 

Diddley dum diddley dee 

Diddley dum diddley dee


Fifty get on at Burgess Hill

Diddley dee diddley dum


Have to stand, not enough seats

Diddley dum diddley dee   

Diddley dum diddley dee


More pack on at Haywards Heath

Diddley dum diddley dum 

Diddley dum diddley dee


Train chock-a-block, no buffet car

Diddley dum d...

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The Adorable Puppy Dog Who Would Not Submit To Peace

There was a man who refused to be neutral 

Even when it was vitally crucial 

When politics fails 

War entails 

And if Putin don't stop it then who shall?







Does anyone else think it's obscene 

To cheer on the war like it's a football team?


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Saint Rigobert's Graveyard (Grimstone Low)

Saint Rigobert’s Graveyard (Grimstone Low)


It’s hard to imagine Saint rigobert’s graveyard

If you don’t come from Grimstone Low

It’s a glorious site overlooking the village

With views of the cesspits below


As you meander up Dead Donkey meadow

On the footpath from Lynch Mob’s Birch

You arrive at a quaint little lychgate

The back entrance into the church



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Also by kJ Walker:



A woman trudges home from the doctor’s office ruminating the news of another pregnancy. Four kids at home, all under five years. Maybe with luck they’ll burn the apartment down. She’s left knives lying around hoping for the best but there’s no more dog food for them to fight over. Her breasts would be down to her waist except her belly props them up, she thinks gratefully. “It’s important to be gr...

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Also by K. Lynn:

Writing |

Wept of Ectasis

Of how deep is my wept!

That my whole body kept

Combined the constant fatigue and tense

Remeerged my lack of sense

Unleashed by your absence

Along the ectasis and the high

Of a long Saturday night

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This Better Be Good


The name belongs to the body
the body belongs to the mind
the mind beholds a mouse on a corn stalk
stoops to its subject like a falcon to prey

The name is called, a button pressed
the body turns, all but a machine
the mind collapses a cornfield in an instant
and all the mice in my England run free


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She Chooses

She Chooses


She chooses abstinence

           because she won’t risk pregnancy

She chooses abstinence

            because she’s not interested

She chooses contraception

           because she does not want children

She chooses contraception

           because she does not want children yet

She chooses contraception

           because she has enough children


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Roe v WadeAbortionAmericaOutrageWomenWomen's Rights

White Feather

A cute white feather floated into my hall.
I think it was my Mum making a call!
As today she wanted to come with me.
Because beautiful Nola, I was off to see!

Clever idea Mum, so off to Emma's I went.
And some lovely time with Nola we spent.
I played in the garden with Alba while there.
Silly Grandad left with soaking wet hair!

As Nola slept and Alba had her little snack.
It became ti...

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Minch Surgery last Monday

It might be gout, arthritis,
I’ll take some blood.

What for?

To test for uric acid, diabetes
and other things, he muttered.

I might have asked: Like what?
But with his box of needles out

I worked on breathing calmly,
averting eyes from the likely spot;
although there was no pain.

Even at this age there is something
in my look that makes him tell me
I am brave.

Good boy, or...

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old agenhs

How to be Old

Engine full throttle

Let go of the steering wheel

And release the brake

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

True North |

Clarion Call

Animate the mind, 

Awaken to the infinitesimal

Gradations of experience, 

Heed the clarion call of life

To take the stage of existence,

To upstage the fear

And sneer at the doubt,

So that the once risible

Is all of a sudden feasible,

And the focus that was narrow,

Effervesces to welcome

The essence in the flight

Of every sparrow...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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4 A GiRl

Lithuanian girl,

Feet in the Baltic, icy waters in summer sun

Looks out towards Gotland , and wonders what will become.

An island , steadfast, proud of history

Its past like all , surrounds a mystery 


Her eyes grey as summer clouds,

Pierce the light,see through the shrouds 

They clear the way for future life

Determined, calm, wise, and bright.


Chin on hand star...

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Also by Edbreathe:

old CAT | citadel |

Walking In The Wonder Of Midsummer Day

The morning light is bright, expectant

Footsteps echo, voices are soft

Riverside homes wait quietly

Behind pots of vibrant summer flowers

Banks of grey mud, gleam

Reflecting silvered sunshine


A woodland underworld opens

Inviting the traveller into its kingdom

To shelter beneath a leafy tree-made bower

Sharp noonday sun filters through

A moving cover of green


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love, A seance.

I’m drowning in my own sorrow
My clocks ticking while time is moving, I just stand here
Awaiting for you to see me for who I truly am but you stared only seeing mayhem
My insides screaming out to you as my lips are sealed shut “I’m more then that.. if you just look a little deeper baby, you’ll see that I fit the missing pieces to your puzzle like you fit ya fitted caps”
and I’m sorry that my l...

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The Itch Explained

I feel an itch

On my back

What is this

On my back


Nothing is there 

Just the itch

I thought it was a hair 

What’s this pain

In my face

And my glands

They are blowing up 

All over the place 

Now a spot on my head

It’s red 

It burns


What’s this mess

On my face

Something isn’t right

It’s keeping me up at night 

It’s Shingles ...

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Also by JAZ:

Lifted | The Movement |

Nishinomiya City Fogs

Expectable tracing
a light spreads a fire
a dark at night

red clouds natural science’s task of decipherment
diagrams expend texts reported by the coast

a snap, a rasp, a chatter on the seabed

Onagas castanet in Ginkgo
precursors foreshock zoology
cumbrous seismisms mackerel skies
the scenery blurs
long hairs in the north in Gamelion
Hinoko rainbow between mountains
black, yellow ...

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poetrypoeticsearthquakesanimalsKwaidanBengalimeteorologyseismologyethologypsychoacousticsscience fiction

Generation X spineless cowards

I lost myself somewhere under the rainbow filled with lead poisoning but it's okay if the polar caps are only melting the world will be underwater it doesn't matter if it's soon

We called it home but it was something more about lie that mother told us to get on our knees and pray all the bad away would have had better luck praying for fish gills

To put the guns to our heads generation of no ...

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Also by Mikey V Kinsey:

Chocolate Desolated Abusive Lovestruck Home |

i cant keep up

Blue ticks this, left on opened that .instagram famous spiritual numb,

She was fat in school in fact she was here only fan,know she racked up on only fans,

Her mate was shy now she holding hands with a dealer and living the life, 

Oh I can't keep up, can i just have a cup of tea and sit by a tree .

Cause the young fella who wanted to be a plumber is know an infunce,

Oh i can't keep ...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

please |


To start the day like a champion

You should start the day with a shag,

A hand-lowered shite of 6lb weight,

A can of Long Life and a fag.

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Also by John Coopey:


The Burden of Sight

I see it  in your eyes!
You have fallen into the trap of age
Your eyes are becoming deem
The sparkle I used to admire has faded
You've seen too much
That you have internalized it all
You let it play everytime you close your eyes
You've let the burden of vision
Fast-forward your days

Didn't we say we will stay the same?
You promised that we wouldn't get old
We would always turn misfort...

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Also by Inoe Chichie:

A Glimpse of Love |


I Demand to See the Manager

Someone please bring me the manager of the working class

Some of them have stopped doing exactly what I asked

And they’re forming picket lines that other people won’t pass

So, someone please bring me the manager of the working class


Someone please bring me the manager of the working class

Richard Madeley on the telly said it was someone called Marx

But when I ask who’s in ch...

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rail strikesRMTpolitics

The Rollercoaster of Beethoven

Beethoven - we truly love to hear.
He may bring us sorrow or send us cheer.
It is like riding on a rollercoaster,
As we enter the mind of this great composer.

At times it may be slow and steady,
But what is to come? And are we ready?
You at first go up but then shoot down,
And you feel you'll crash right to the ground.

We go side to side and round and round.
We may loop the loop - go ...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

A New World |

Stuart VannerBeethovenRollercoaster

'Anyone can be a fisherman in May’ - Ernest Hemingway


Observation is one thing but nothing of any consequence is written regarding becoming a fisherman: The pursuit of fish is a different matter.


It is only through the pursuit of fish that one can truly become a fisherman. In time, pursuing fish becomes a redundant side effect.


Becoming a fisherman is a hands on affair, there are no shortcuts, you won’t get there by trying. Indee...

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It rained today, just like it did four years ago

Heavens were sad to lose their own

Guardians were happy to receive their own

Smiles were wide, the bundle of joy had arrived.


But when it was time,

Heavens were happy to receive their own back

Angels celebrated the reunion

Guardians cried their hearts out

and the rains were glad to sent you back home.


Memories st...

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Also by kanini Beatrice:



Don't even think about it - that's my advice

but who listens to that?

certainly not me, though it's all my idea

thinking of DIY at seventy eight. 

I'm nursing my wounds just now

and re - grouping as my energy falls

it's all about screws and nails

twisting and shouting with pain and frustration

trying to match the plan with the dream

of proud completion, standing back


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Also by ray pool:


"Funk Space"

Avoiding talent The noisy challenge How are we to recover?

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Also by Michael Morales:

"Odeum" |

girls and their nonsense.

floating in that acrid pool of nothingness, 

a feather kissed the tip of my nose and whispered softly over my face.

in that moment, decided. 

i watch the village of women who surround me each day, 

awash with a soft awe at their mossy eyes and woolen hands. 

i link arms with the girl i love most on a late night walk, 

running from the boy who asked me to give apart of myself.


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Also by Nadia Coia:

you know the bliss of evil | an ode to Nancy | the day I decorated one side of my wall | parties are the end of the world. | immature in elementary |

poetrypoetprosepoemteenage girlgirlhoodfeministfeminismfeminist writingfeminist poetrywomanhoodgrowing painsself imagefemale outlookfemale empowermentwritingshortsonglovelight

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