Sabr and shukr (patience and gratitude)

Never lose hope, never give in to gloom

This life is only a test prepared for afterlife 

Never give up on life and think difficulties are doom

It's only there to make you strong and attain Jannah eventually 


Sometimes your destiny takes a different turn

What we pray for isn't granted to us

Allah makes us wait, wait and wait little more longer 

To finally bestow upon us the gifts we hardly deserve 


Keep praying to your Rabb and seeking His blessings 

For everything That you have been praying for 

Will be blessed upon thee in the same or better way 

That will make you feel happy and your heart at peace 


Never chase anything that duniya has to offer

Allah will let things chase you that's meant for you 

Keeping you away from things and people who aren't meant for you 

What Allah has blocked for you wasn't good for you, so be thankful 


Only Allah knows what we want, need, desire or dream for 

In His time Allah brings each thing to bless us 

Increasing our levels of Imaan, sabr and elevating our status

He prepares us well before the big blessings going to be bestowed upon us


Keep walking on seeraat e mustaqeem, Keeping to the commandments and commands 

Never Sacrificing faith and commands over desires

For each sacrifice you make and abstaining from things prohibited

Allah has a beautiful reward for us both in duniya and Akhirah


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