Hello again Mr. Ink

Hello again Mr. Ink,

It's been a long time and I'm kinda glad.

Everytime you come around is because things are bad.

I havn't felt the need to have you in my life.

But lately...

That desire has been back.

The need to write my feelings down. 

The need to cry as I type..

Funny how back then I worte with pen and paper with my tears runing down. 

Look at me now..

All grown up, laptop on my lap 

Tears falling down 

Wishing I could go back 

Back to the pen and papers days because what I was feeling then wasnt as terrible as i'm feeling now.

Hello Mr Ink..

Do you recognize ?

Recognize me?

I may look different on the outside but I'm still that lost soul you met a couple years ago..

Dear Mr. Ink 

I don't want you 

But I need you right now.. :(





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