Have you ever used a bidet

For washing feet or bits?

Or played a round of croquet

Had high tea at the Ritz?


Are you good with 12 bore shotguns

When on a peasant shoot?

Is your name too double barrelled

Are your family full of loot?


Have you eaten oysters, caviar

Or used a butter knife?

Do you know what canapes are

Are Defenders on your drive?


Is there a grand piano

In your drawing room or hall?

Is your art work Donatello

Is pashmina in your shawl?


Do you discuss the big issue

Use the royal we or one

At Ascot will we miss you

Is your island in the sun?


Do gentry all look down

From your portraits on the wall

Whilst you just snort and frown

When the homeless come to call?


You pay the piper, call the tune

But never take the blame

Your mouth is stuffed with silver spoon

Your nanny’s on the game.


It’s not you that I really hate

But how you came to be

We live in such inequal state

Our mock democracy.


For white men pay for learning

Law degrees and bonus pay

Then take their obscene earnings

To live the entitled way.


Let’s never let the Eton boys

In cravat, shirt and gown

Play with us like children’s toys

While running poor lives down.


So stand up for those without a voice

Who have no bank of dad

Who left with so little choice

Vote Tory as a fad.


Let’s flatten out the playing field

Our kingdom ununited

A kinder world we all can build

Where all can be invited.


M x


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<Deleted User> (33000)

Mon 27th Jun 2022 13:51

😤 ahem! ahem! although one has lowered oneself to read this reasonably acceptable piece of literature one begrudingly finds it to be ' quaite nayce ' one says looking down ones nasal passage which ever so spiffingly happens to be located above ones entry where ones silver spoon initially entered to give one a high society status that the likes of people like your lower class self are never likely to-ahem- experience

so cheery bye my good man, one is off for tiffin's which means that you get up off your knee's now 😂

brill poem Mike! hope we gave you a laugh in return?

P & L.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 27th Jun 2022 13:34

Agree with SG. But like life itself perhaps, the questions are
often easier than the answers. Across the world and throughout
history, the reality remains but much diluted from the "barons and
serfs" of other times.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 27th Jun 2022 13:22

An entertaining write, Mike.

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Ghazala lari

Mon 27th Jun 2022 12:33

Thought provoking questions. We all know the answers for but reality is way different.

I like your style of writing this poem.

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