I'm on my way to divine love and peace

It's the only thing I need 

May my Rabb always be pleased 

With every intention and my deed 


I've nothing much to say or do 

Devoting the rest of my life to Thee 

It's all I have to present Allah almighty 

A heart true woven into rose red and green 


I'll always praise and worship Thee 

It's the only thing that gives my soul rest and peace 

Which helps live my life on earth with humility 

That's what I care to do and wish to achieve 


A Mansion filled with words of Allah almighty 

Listening to His book divine every day and night 

Teaching me what's best for my life temporary 

And also for the life in jannah as a gift divinely 


May my days be full of light and glory 

And my nights be spent worshipping Allah almighty 

May my heart be cleansed of all the lowly beauties 

And grant my soul blessings eternally glorious and lovely

◄ Dedicated to Allah (s.w.t) 🌹🌹🌹

Sabr and shukr (patience and gratitude) ►


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