The Burden of Sight

I see it  in your eyes!
You have fallen into the trap of age
Your eyes are becoming deem
The sparkle I used to admire has faded
You've seen too much
That you have internalized it all
You let it play everytime you close your eyes
You've let the burden of vision
Fast-forward your days

Didn't we say we will stay the same?
You promised that we wouldn't get old
We would always turn misfortune into comedy
We would always laugh at kids falling
We would always be the ones to comfort
Old people on their death bed
While we mocked death as self defeating
Eventually it will run out of people to kill,
And then what?

You promised we wouldn't get old
But I see it in your eyes
You've fallen into the tragedies of sight
Your eyes now carry everyone's sorrow
Seeing children fall now breaks your heart
Comforting the old now brings you misery
You spook them into existential crisis

You have fallen into the trap of ageing
'There's no God'- you tell the dying
'Die we will follow eventually'
Your words carry nothing but gloom
I see it in your eyes
You've let your illuminating glow die
You have let yourself succumb
To the burden of sight!


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