I'm in love with my life 

Everything is perfectly beautiful 

People are loving, kind 

Sky has lovely sunshine 


I'm in love with myself 

A beauty to see 

Loving heart beating within 

Making me fall in love with me 


I'm in love with my lover right 

He's the best in the world 

Caring and loving 

Singing songs of passionate love 


I'm in love with my heart 

A little crazy thing to see 

It's in perfect sinc with God almighty 

Making me love my life evenmore 


I'm in love with sunshine and moonlight 

Nature has so much to share with us 

Blending within our deepest core 

Deepest concerns for the whole world 


I'm in love with you 

With your eyes and your smile 

With everything you write 

Making my heart go lovingly wild in your love

◄ Myself

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Fri 24th Jun 2022 21:56

Definitely Nigel. Love is what keeps the bond.💕

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Nigel Astell

Sat 18th Jun 2022 13:39

To love each other is what we do💘

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