Our Turkish Pet

Here in our Turkish garden
we have a central water feature 
Two ponds joined by a waterfall
home to a mysterious creature  

No one has ever caught a glimpse 
he always stays hidden out of sight 
I have searched for him many times 
morning to noon and into the night

We may never have spotted him
but everyone knows that he lives there 
He often gives himself away 
when he replies to the call to prayer 

His voice sounds like a quacky duck
as he responds to lively chatter
He likes to join in with all the fun 
echoing back raucous laughter 

Even though I have searched for him
I’m pleased that we have never met  
I quite like all the mystery 
that surrounds our Turkish pet


◄ RIP Dame Deborah James #Bowelbabe

Perfect Sunset ►


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julie callaghan

Fri 1st Jul 2022 12:43

Thanks for the likes. I tried to record him but he would not perform on cue. 😁

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