*comfortable and cozy

I'm more than comfortable in my own skin

And the home that I live in

I don't wish to swap life with any celebrity 

For what life has given me, I'm highly pleased


I'm more than comfortable for the bed I sleep on

It has its own undulating, rough and smooth surfaces

I get the rest I need that I don't anywhere receive

For it's mine to keep and it's mine to sleep


I'm more than comfortable with my situation

In years I've actually learnt, there's no perfect place on earth

So I devote my time and effort watering the grass within my own fence

Having no time to look around the greener realms beyond my fence 


I'm more than comfortable with the people I live with

Their goodness, mercy, wickedness and evil 

I've learnt to live with these and much worse things to see

For I know there aren't any angels residing on Any land or in any family

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