Park business

Children's park


Two little kids were sitting on a swing

Talking kiddish, sweet and naughty things 


One said to the other in a hushed voice 

Getting a reply in a louder noise 


Whatever you say to me 

Count it back on thee 

If you insult me and call me names

My reply will always be, same to same 

If you find faults and rebuke 

It's going to be vice versa 


So before you get mad over me

Remember my response in silent retreat 

Never to return to you ever again 

Rather will find a quiet place 

I won't be brooding over anymore

As I have learnt the art to ignore 

What isn't my problem to begin with 

I needn't sit and deal with it 


You say you love me

I shall reply me too 

When you hate me uselessly 

Responding won't be necessary 

You may yell and shout as much as you want 

My throat is off so I quickly return hone

But one thing you should keep in mind 

I ain't a punching bag to receive your evilness 

When you feel you are sane enough to talk 

You may post a letter of apology but don't just stalk 


Your matchsticks do a wonderful job

Burning everything, for years you worked for 

Each and every revenge you plan and seek 

Mischievously boomerangs to you and your wicked creed

I didn't help you to get the favours back from you 

It was only an act of kindness I felt due to your loneliness 

Although the scene wasn't what it seemed

I was lied, cheated, deceived and made to believe 

But you are safe from me, cos I don't avenge anybody 

My enemies are safe and sound living with me

Although I get to bear a lot silently

But that's what I made to be

A snake can't be taught to behave lovingly

Treachery,  traitors all around you feel and see

Though there's no palace and you ain't any king

Nor people are your obedient slaves nor servants O MAJESTY



You receive what you seek

Your desires you have fulfilled 

So live your majesty life with your people 

And let me live in peace with my flying flies

Mosquitoes are my friends, small and insignificant like me

We only do what we were made to do 

An example of My Lord's work to see

Such insignificant creatures are wonderfully created 

With vision so perfect and wings so light 

Yes we are mere speck In the kingdom divine

But if you observe closely my brother and friend 

Despite your power, strength and might, you are of our kind


You and your evil friends go around spilling venom against me

I'm arrogant, proud, strong headed, stubborn and unkind

And you wish to teach these to me, as you are a spiritual policeman 

But sorry to say, the people who know you well, have much worse to describe you

I'm a humble worshiper of God almighty. Human beings are equal to me

Neither above nor below, each one stands on the same floor

Now stop testing me and teaching me lessons unkind

For it's no use Moral policeing someone who isn't yours to keep

Fix oneself and friends, family  and relatives, who I'm sure aren't angels from above

Those who work on themselves are the wisest

in the end It's all about who we are that makes all the difference 

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Tue 28th Jun 2022 17:03

Totally agree with you Nigel. With age human beings become harder and least wise.

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Nigel Astell

Mon 27th Jun 2022 10:59

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
names will never hurt me - - -
then grown ups change the rules
to suit them Moonlight
then it gets harder.

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