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En skrekk - halloween story

entry picture

I am on call today, I hate being on call. I can’t settle into anything, I like to be up early for a little breakfast by the window with a book I read for 1 minute and my phone that I spend 59 minutes on. I took this maintenance job five months ago because the perks included this apartment. I figured it would be a good gig, fixing things and living nearby. It’s been total chaos ever since, I live w...

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A miner walked from Wheal Kitty

to Trevellas at the end of a day

and the path he took was atop the cliff

for that was his easiest way.


The moon rode high oe'r the breakers

as the path did twist and turn

and the Gods of the deep were lurking there

with nothing new to learn.


Fourteen hours at fifty fathoms

had taken the breath from him

and the night was quiet ...

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Also by ray pool:



No time for it all

Must make time

Never ending cycle

Work, school, family, friends, chores, fitness, errands

Take away from sleep for chores

Take away from sleep for school

Take away from sleep for friends

No time for it all

Must make time

Running on the wheel of life

Work, school, family, friends, chores, fitness, errands

Take away from rest for family

Take awa...

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Enthusiasm the engine of my soul

often flags and fails on life´s road

A sudden burst of unbridled energy

soon extinguished as if by a canon of water


Occasionally revived as a wilting flower

but never regaining its former luscious texture 

Onward, forward and undeterred

a rekindled flame of renewed vigour


Each day brings recharged light and hope


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Also by keith jeffries:

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My kids

What are the memories that pop into your mind
Share them with your children as the day falls asleep
Around the campfire, to entertain on cheap
But enrichment power of knowing your past find

They will enjoy questions about your own parents
How they shaped your future, how badly you behaved
Did your mommy cuddle, did your daddy help shave
What technology loomed to savour your merit


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Also by Louis Audet:

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We're Doing No Wrong

Feel that twinge 

Scratch that itch 

Lost in this moment

Between her thighs 

No shortchange


Fuck Polytheism, monotheism 

I want to feel it now

Death, illness

Acts of God....fuck that

Today's for the living 


Pornography obsession 

Sins of the flesh?

Stone yer daughters

Excommunicate sons

Female circumcision 


Who needs an after life


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Also by Jeff:

Another Worlds Timeless Hell | Devil Has The Advantage | Am I The Only One Drinking? |

I'm Weary

I've spent a lifetime of being shouted at . For doing wrong when you thought you we're right . For being there for caring and loving . For just being there day and night . For when things go wrong . Trying to put things right  . To be the Brick that keeps things right . To be healthy enough to keep things on my Shoulders . To be there when needed . To be just there when not . How long does it take...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Tax Evasion | Why | Bruised | Just Try | The Good Life | How Dangerous |


The pull 

the draw

is powerful

and real


if he said, "meet me"


I'd go.

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Also by Jenn:

The Wonder | The Company you Keep. The Girl You Don't. |



Pine needles

  Fine needles 

      Sewing needles 

          Knitting needles

Hat pins

   Straight pins

     Ten pins

        And tie pins

Syringe needles 

   Thread needles 

       Record needles

           Haystack needles

Ear pins

   Nose pins

      Hair pins

         And rolling pins

My needles 

    Your pins

         Sewing boxes 


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Also by Fred Varden:

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The bells they ring

The bells sing out

From the old clock tower

Their ringing ready greeting

Whilst the flowers in metal pots

Keep vigil at the graves looking fresh and bright

And the bridal party are sinking a few

Across the road at the pub

The pale green 1920’s car waits expectantly

Button hole and carnations abound

Everybody dressed to the nines

Morning suits and swooning gowns


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Also by Martin Elder:

Tramping | southdown road |

beyond sex

this morning

everything rests in

bouquets of sultry satisfaction.


Your dawn brightened smile

your naked swarthiness,

both guilty

of being adorable


and how much last nights first story

I hung onto

told me that with you

fun and laughter are not shy strangers

they live uncaged in the crazy beautiful world

that is your heart  


yet as I watch you dr...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

in his silence | a cacophony interrupts | redressing | preview |

When you're in love

Isn't it beautiful 

The stars on a cool night 

Isn't it breathtaking 

The first glimpse of sunlight 

I wouldn't know anymore 

Because no matter what I do 

Despite the beautiful view

The only thing i see is you 

It's been a while for me 

So I thank the people above 

Because everything is beautiful 

When you know you're in love 


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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

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Each day we spend together

my love for you grows

All we share opens my heart...

It allows me to be there 

with you

like a fly on the wall

It allows you to be there 

with me

like an invisable friend

Walking thru our pasts

pulls me closer to you

Makes our new relationship

feel like a life time friendship

Which builds my trust


Bonds me with you. 


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Also by lynn hahn:


No Winners


I decided to let go

And make him my past

My present decided to walk off too

Making me a passing thought


Theres no winning 


Perhaps the future might stay

I lose hope

In these fickle hearts



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Also by Wardah:

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Shadows stretch

and shadows yaw

Death;a flame that flutters


Clouds chased high,moonlight flickers

the cool breeze blows,and the stillness shivers

Darkness moves in places hidden 

Peering eyes revealed their vision


Doleful words;misfortune heard

to cast a spell on those who heard

In my head were hidden voices

strange is now,they scream rejoices



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Gaoler of dreams | Elegant Lies | Traveller | The old man and his Grammaphone | Empty Hat | The Pinnacle of it all | Splitting | Feral Man | Grim Faces |


Maybe there's a God above, 

But all I've ever learnt from love, 

Is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you....  


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

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Lost and Found

entry picture

I was lost then magically I found you

Now once again I am lost – what am I to do?

I feel like an abandoned broken heart

Dwelling forever in a left luggage locker

Waiting for an elusive thing called love

Hoping that someone will lay claim to me

Or give me a heavenly sign from above

I thought we had a spark that would catch fire

Figured we were on the road to destination desi...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Ain't That a Shame | Viva Valencia | October 10 | Heartbreaker |


entry picture

Euphoria at its peak,

like a rising sun.

Your toil is to seek,

until work is done.

Sky is red,

with blanket white.

Excited to spread,

a beam in night.

Where there is flower,

there will be thorn.

Handle all with power,

to make your life adorn.

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have you ever experienced
a love 
so strong 
you question your beliefs?

I'm an atheist.
I don't believe in a god
or an afterlife 
this love 
makes me wonder 
if over the course of time
our souls 
have been colliding 
and bonding 
and that's why
is so natural 
between us

I'm not talking about something romantic
but something innocent
for he has touched my hea...

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Mister Eternity

Arthur Stace, a First World War veteran and illiterate alcoholic, was known as “Mister Eternity” . For 35 years he inscribed the cryptic precept “Eternity” in yellow, waterproof chalk, using an inexplicable copperplate hand, on pavements throughout Sydney. Asked why, he would merely reply “Makes 'em think”. Arthur's dictum was sent around the world, emblazoned in huge letters across Sydney Harbour...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

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Fickle and Afraid

People born unequal is a matter of life,
The seeds of despair are set to ripen beneath the full moon.

Arrogance flourishes from the talent of the few,
Oh how they stand so tall and watch great flames over small mountains.

Your great starlight showed me a path,
I thought I could see myself in the mirror of your eye,

I see now that you are who I wished myself to be,
Unlimited potential.


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Identity | I see |


It is What it Is

Been struck by the number of cliches I am hearing at the moment, especially the title of this poem, so penned this littly ditty early this morning... Hope you like it!

It is What it Is…Some Well Worn Words


At the end of the day, when all’s said and done,

To be fair I must say there’s no smoking gun.

It is what it is, we have to move on,

Time passes or flies and the moment is go...

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Also by mike booth:

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Falling backwards

entry picture

She lifted her arms

to catch


I fell backwards 



I saw her curl

and she looked at me

and I  smiled and

she frowned

and I thrilled 

at her subsequent grin.


Words and photo Tommy Carroll 


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Grammar | Faraged | Wittgenstein |

The Lazarus effect

After Winters deathlike imposition

after Springs reincarnating miraculous call

after umbilically leaving the seeds womb


come the roses


to again smile in the arms of  Mother Sun

to again lift the spirits of all

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Also by Jemima Jones:

wintering reluctance |

All Hallows

Pumpkin-orange sun bids goodnight,

With a lingering kiss to horizon.

Rooks, muttering among themselves,

Delight in such promiscuity, and

Hide their blushes in shadowy roosts.

Sister moon hushes the voyeuristic mass,

Her own jealousy well concealed.

Unable to reveal true colours,

Silver cloak pulled around shoulders,

Her blue face haunts the night.

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Little Hope | Haiku: No Answers | Dementia |

The Traveller

Alf Smith was his name, though, we should remember him

As more than the labourer on a small Welsh farm

Who milked the cows and tended every farmer whim;

Twice daily fitting clusters onto teats and pouring milk to churns,

Taken for collection to stand beside the lane between the ferns.

Twice daily, too, he cleaned the shed with hose and broom

And waited to hear what chores would f...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The messages | Earth Treasure | Autumn | Water |

FarmLabourerlifelife storyTravellerWales

Beyond the Plastic Pole.

The landlord called this morning

Said that she could tell I just woke up. To call her back later.


The cold was different to me, this late morning
Hazy, paired with rain
Drizzled, Murky, Heavy air that swept through the knit of my hoodie.


The branches lay next to the garage in a consecutively non-organized fashion, taken back by hand a few times

 To the old burning pile ...

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Also by Connor Lannes:

The Somewhere: Bricks and Cement | Invisible Shark Syndrome | And |

ChildhoodConnor LannesForestMemoriesNostalgiaRainWoods

admiring ex prisoners of loneliness

I am always more than willing

to honour

enforced solitudes courageous escapees 

who without fault of their own

had been exiled


those featureless landscapes

where  suffering awaits no end

where there are no roads to light

only dark directions to increasing sorrow

belonging outside hope


YES! honour them!


that they have fought tooth and nail

to have...

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from a distance | toils ending | grot |

Poem in Progress F

entry picture

My heart dances 
the sun yearns for cloud 
the blue in my orbit 
so big so loud 
nothing no more 
standing in my way now 
they left the offering in the green 
black and blue, yellow too 
my golden vision 
from the desert to the wood I run 
there's a dog in the cloud 
and the moon is full and bright 
loud I see all the colour  
flickers flickers flickers blue 
purple red too 
a full ...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Poem in Progress E | Same | Ice | SoulBlind | Poem in Progress B (explicit) |

free writing

Round route

In cloaks of words I wrap myself against the weather
Storms I conjured up as punishment.
Hands full of swords thrusting up out of the earth
The round route I take.  Gazelles return again
To the brink, to drink.  And me? To think.
So I skirt mans burning fire, hyena lurking
Laughing in the dark.  A great arc I make
Like a dim sun at the end of his leash
Scribing the day across the sky...

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Hashtag Arrogance



to emphasise my endless

slapstick politics.


What Constitution?

I have to read all of it?!

Tangerine screaming.


Chattering unchained:

No such thing as climate change!!

No such thing as proof?


Meanwhile, peace deals fall,

fundamental laws ignored;

the world stands aghast.


Yates sacked. Spicer sacked.

Bannon, Flynn and Co...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Burn and Rave | No Sacrifice |



I'll tell you a sad tale 
  so short with an abrupt end
    of necessity I follow the tangent 
      to the pond without relish
        for one lone goose dabbles at the edge
          and flocks who bickered there have flown
I'll tell you of a dream 
  our goose with a set of mallards forms a nation 
    smaller coots feel bold among vigilant eyes
      just as our protection once s...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Poet's Christmas | Butterfly | Trump The Roman | Horror |

The Bound Bird

They put her in a little brass cage

Quite ornate really as cages go

With filigree edges

And a silver rose door.

And everyone put their faces up against the bars

And wriggled their fingers,

Inviting her to come to them.


They brought her exotic seeds

From far castaway islands,

Cleaned her cage with scented oils

For healing and soothing.

Put pearls of amethyst be...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

City Encounter | The Garden Shed | Mail Order Bride | Strong Vulnerability |

He does It for me

entry picture

When your heart has butterflies 

Does it make the love more real?

Does it make love feel  more alive?

If it does, I love every minute of it

No worries at all when it comes to him 

Like Jill says " He loves me from my hair follicles to my toenails" 

And the beauty in that 

knocks me off my feet 

I see light when I stare into his eyes of truth, strength and love 

To feel s...

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Also by Saniya:

Light |

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How Many Words Must Dolphins Have For "Sea"?

entry picture

…and here’s another thing.  This occurred to me after ruminating that eskimos have over 30 words for “snow”.  Likewise, and equally apocryphally, Bedouin Arabs have huggins of words for “sand”.

It comes from the fact that if snow and sand is all you’ve got to look at all day, you’ll rabbit on about it in fine distinctions, rather like the numpties who can discern differences between Coronation ...

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Also by John Coopey:

...but lost to Huddersfield | "ME TOO" | VAMPIRES | SITTING NEXT DOOR TO BORIS | P45 |




The carcass is now five days old

on the first day it lay in the verge

prefixed by a screaming skid mark

decorated with red and orange splinters


To and from wherever they go

a city of people hurry by

the planet reclaims all that’s hers

dietary requirements no obligation


Down the steep bank and in the wood

life has already moved on

absence is not fea...

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Also by Wolfgar:

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Yesterday brought the news of the passing of my favourite performer from the great days of Rockn'Roll -

Antoine "Fats" Domino, and it took me straight back to my 1950s boyhood when the Hit Parade had a

new Number One virtually every week and a wealth of talent competing for a place in the Top Twenty

in the Melody Maker and the New Musical Express charts...every pop lover's' "bibles" of th...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Fats Domino

Only in the dark I see the day.

Only in the dark I see the day.
I see the day when the sky is full of stars.
I see the day were you only hear the wind howling smoothly in my window.
The noises of the animals being alive; 
were you can hear only a little the waves of the ocean...
That's when I think of us more deeply. 
Only in the dark I see my dreams flowing closely,
telling me that dreams could be realities waiting for m...

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bfcouplesfamilygfhappinesshappyheyLovenewpeoplepoetsadsweetwhom you love

Raking up the past

Dew bejewelled spider webs span the handle

of the broken wooden fork

propped in the dirt like a cross for the fallen.

Khaki leaves scatter the garden but the bright Acer

still wears its scarlet uniform.

The shrill of a panicking blackbird’s pinking

pierces the steady scrunch of leaves decaying

while the slowly scouring scrape

of my rake across the sticky wet ground


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Also by David T Jones:

Being | Acid mothers Temple, Lewes, 18/10/17 | An Angel | Outliving (work in progress) | Clouds, cloudy, clouded |

Haiku Five O'

Beside the wet kerb,
chips and doner meat sleep deep.
Friday fades away.

Taxis rear homewards,
the ambulance falls silent.
A dead one maybe.

A kiss for a wish
under the railway bridges.
That enough for her?

The town bells ringing
and a rain ceases to fall.
Starlight, moonlight now.

Saturday is here,
a guilty secret laid bare.
Sunday we’ll forget.

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Rumours of a Hurricane |

something glows inside all of us

you were still when i found you so i picked up your body carefully,

as one would handle a crumbling manuscript from the thirteenth century,

with kids gloves – white vinyl gloves - and i placed you on my shoulders

and we walked and walked across great neon oceans

through cities with skyscrapers bearing over us like tidal waves of slate grey concrete

over searing hot sands that added ...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

death poem |


In third grade we were just amorphous blobs,
  by fifth grade, we'd been sorted.
Princes, princesses, also-rans,
  and of course, the unrewarded.

I was the budding knight,
  and you the fragile flower.
Funny how I didn't notice then
  the missing petals in the dower.

It came as a suprise to me,
  that the sorting never stops
You'll think you've won
  the fight is done
And then the othe...

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Also by Eric Maynard:

Sorcerer's Apprentice | Held | Sunrise |

true love

The Gangsta and the Gentleman part 1

The Gangsta and The Gentleman Part 1

Hello I just wanted to say I thought you were gorgeous and ask how are you.

I'm good pa thanks, I like your swag i was checking you out too.

Id like to take you out some time, so i was wondering if you were single.

Hell yea i am and youre fine as hell so yea im down to mingle.

Yea thats great give me a time and place I'll be there I promise I won...

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Also by Jblaze:

Wow |

Things that make me smile!!

Lushy Green trees filled for a mile,

Yellow Spring leaves that make up a pile,

A warm little cottage in the corner of the isle,

Away from distractions and digital lifestyle.

These are the few things that make me smile!!!

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Posted this for a job application!


The trees are flesh made.

 Gauntly etched to form gangrenous limbs,

Skeletal fingers lacing outward

For the heavens.


A multiplicity of fungal greens

That curl and sway about the breeze.

The trees are flesh made,

Blood racing within barcomulch veins

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Also by Sara Dombrosky:

Unconventional |

bloodforestsgorehorrornature poetryTrees

The Keeper

For I must have the answers,

To all your problems,

Your prayers,

Your questions.


Must I know such things?

Must I be your keeper,

And your guard?


For I am the one,

Who has watched over you.

And I am the one,

Who has kept you safe.


Only to come to,

And to realize,

My freedom was within my reach.


I wished to grasp it.

Take hold of it wi...

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Also by Vanessa Grosz:

You do not find love, Love finds you |

As time went by

As time went by..

standing here alone in this room
looking out of the window at the rising moon
feeling like there is only emptiness
all around is pain and darkness
I turn around to face all memories
all that now sound like fictional stories
I close my eyes and slowly breathe
laughter of past disturbing my peace
as I walk around, touching the wall
I hear the songs hidden in this hall
even with open eyes,...

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Also by Angel Love:

When time will be ours |

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