Mrs Drogue late of The Limes

has had an accident today

she would have pressed the buzzer

but felt a little confused,

she thought her son who passed away last year

would be coming to visit today. 


It's when the body makes its own decisions

one carer told me

that's when these things happen. 


We go back a long way

Mrs Drogue and me

she was never easy, an awkward neighbour

for so many years.

When Arthur died she lost the plot

now I stop by once a week. 


She doesn't know quite who I am

but I ask her if Arthur has dropped in yet

and that passes the time away.

It's amazing to see how she comes to life


she loved him to death,

i'm really just a stranger now

but I look forward to the walk anyway. 


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Wed 11th Oct 2017 22:10

I'm glad you dropped in David - you really are a like a dose of salts (in a good way). As ever, you have gone the extra mile; yes, there is that shall we say slightly predatory need at play here. I had a neighbour who was a carer, and her mind was like a gutter, full of venom and I had a shout up with her and told to fuck off and get an education. So that's all good. Life is rarely as we would like it to be.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 11th Oct 2017 21:59

This is kind of bitter sweet to me, and although it seems like a person doing a kind act for another I wonder if it really is, or could there be something selfish hidden in here? I have no idea, its just a thought.

I'll visit you Ray, even when you don't want me to...


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Wed 11th Oct 2017 21:32

Thanks you kind Col. Funnily enough I was going to read this as Alan Bennett! Glad you liked it old chap. Yes, the rain came along later for us after soaking up more of the sea.
Hope life is good and interesting for you .

Also thanks for liking, Rich and Ferris much appreciated.


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Colin Hill

Wed 11th Oct 2017 09:43

such a caring soul Ray - you'll be getting your very own Mary Shepherd living in a van in your driveway next. Lovely poem and reading as always - and yes, this mizzle has now turned into a proper pizzle if you get the flow.
cheers, Col.

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