ray winstone's lying in the sun

ben kingsley comes to stay

an acting lesson and no mistake

ray is trying to keep his cool

ben is having his say.


"no no no you can't say no

you piece of fuckin' shit,

i'm 'aving fuckin' none of it"

says kingsley (looking fit)


"I can't " says ray, "i'm off the job"

ben says teddy wants him

more swearing etcetera

ray is flummoxed so it goes on


and as we watch we wonder why

ray never took to crime

instead of acting as himself

a hundred per cent of the time. 

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Sat 14th Oct 2017 10:56

Thanks much appreciated Jon. I love the film - there's just such great acting from Kingsley and also Ian McShane that Ray seems like a kipper. The film works with him though, and we just imagine how he feels instead of seeing it on him imo. This is the second stab about English films I've done, the other one about Get Carter some while back!(not the Stallone version).

Cheers . Ray

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Fri 13th Oct 2017 23:30

Hey Ray
The title of this caught my eye and I love the movie.
True what you say about Ray Winston.. essentially the same character always but still he's a bit of a national institution 😃 the last bit ; we wonder why Ray never took to crime, instead of acting as himself a hundred percent cent of the time.
Nice one.
(Cheers for comments on The Sea dog too Mr )

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Sat 7th Oct 2017 19:08

Bang to rights David. I didn't have a clear idea how this would finish, often the case. I think Ray is a bit like London itself, impressive in a quiet way and a bit self contained. Acting wizardry he ain't . Apparently when he was a baby Reggie Kray held him over his head , only for Ray to piss on it. I believe that.

Thanks Martin, appreciated. A lot people know that by the way.


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Martin Elder

Fri 6th Oct 2017 23:08

I agree with David. Ray Winstone is always playing himself. Just like John Wayne.
Nice one Ray

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 6th Oct 2017 22:56

Brilliant last verse Ray, in fact all very cheeky chirpy cockney fun.

Ray Winston doesn't really act, does he? whatever it is it is good though. I know we have discussed "Sexy Beast" on several occasions, a great and very funny Brit classic.

I think this is a clever little ditty Ray, destined to be revisited like those other old classics like "Get Carter" and "The Impcress file" timeless rarities.


Excellent reading too.

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