And Now I'm Old

This poem carries faint echoes of winter in a Mediterranean climate, in this case the South West of Western Australia; limpid skies, stormclouds threatening, people in overcoats walking hastily. Rather like an English summer, I would have thought!


And Now I'm Old

And now I'm old as softening apples

left forgotten on a sideboard

after a windy day,

the murmur of the evening room

asks nothing but its hourly chimes,

anoints only the balm of solitude and sway.


And on so ordinary a night,

though no moon's clear, and only rags of clouds

slide like spectral sharks across the deep,

and planets stare without comment or demur,

out-twinkled but not outshone

in their ordinary light, spinning on


beyond the house on Watertower Hill,

where ocean views amuse real-estate novelists

not at all,

and where grey slate floors

slowly lose their Winter chill,

the call of nightbirds holds the air

in quiet thrall.


And now I'm old as jarrah trees

gathered round abandoned saw-pits

in the slanted rays of faded afternoons,

the restless forest peace asks only time

to mark the land-breeze

with waterfalls of rustle, quickening

the loom of ended day.


Chris Hubbard,




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Chris Hubbard

Thu 19th Oct 2017 15:58

Thanks to both Graham and Frances.

I wrote this poem many years ago, and it remains one of my "old friends," as I like to call them. The Jarrah and Karri forests of the South West, and the coastline from Busselton around to Cape Leeuwin (and far beyond) are as majestic and glorious as anything I've seen elsewhere.


Frances Macaulay Forde

Thu 19th Oct 2017 12:47

Yes, gorgeous writing. ?

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 19th Oct 2017 11:20

Chris, this transported me back to Margaret River 2008. I can still remember the first look at the ocean at Cape Leeuwin and getting lost in the colour of it all.

You've also got the trees and the birds bang on!

Good work "mate"!

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