Life at the Plateau

The Plateau

plateau image

The view from here is calm and true

The grassy steppes stretch out of sight

From plainness slowly dullness grew

From winning I have lost my fight

Life once sharper, numbs to bland

And feet sink deeper into sand.


The uphill struggle left me weak

Fingers bloodied, grip was lost

Each ridge ahead still seemed the peak

Life was stripped, I paid the cost

But, panting, hauled my body back

And felt that I was back on track.


Things looked up, but so did I

Forgot to feel the solid ground

Above me stretched a clear blue sky

And stable dullness all around.

The chasm steep had woke my heart

My ending had become the start.


We all need down time, peace of mind

The rollercoaster hurtles on,

Things go downhill, so we find

Another chasm, ground is gone.

Deep in valleys they don’t know

How each day brings such ebb and flow.


Yea though we walk in the valley of death

We keep our eyes up to the spire

Each moment lived and with each breath

We struggle out of mud and mire.

Some in the gutter, stars our view

Climbing, falling, to selves be true.


So here in the plain I’ll make my bed

The view is clear and soft the ground

My comfort be to rest my head.

People sleeping all around

Don’t see the scars or feel the pain

And never let me fall again.


I’ll level with you, talking plain

The struggle made the heart beat strong

And fearing tumbling down again

The valley road seems straight and long

We hope life’s summit’s still ahead

Life’s for living, long time dead.


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