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have you ever experienced
a love 
so strong 
you question your beliefs?

I'm an atheist.
I don't believe in a god
or an afterlife 
this love 
makes me wonder 
if over the course of time
our souls 
have been colliding 
and bonding 
and that's why
is so natural 
between us

I'm not talking about something romantic
but something innocent
for he has touched my heart 
in a way 
that only a father can.

maybe something went wrong
maybe the universe made a mistake
and I was born 
to the wrong parents.

maybe I was meant to be with him all along 
maybe it was him that was supposed to teach me how to walk
to laugh 
to live.

dispite knowing him for a year 
he already has retaught me 
everything I know.
he's helping me destroy my old habits
he's teaching me to keep walking
when everything pushes against me
he's teaching me to keep laughing
even though things are dark
he's teaching me what life
is truly about.

the way things flow 
so smoothly 
between him and I 
dispite the age gap
dispite society 
makes me wonder if 
we're fragments 
of the same soul 
and we're finding 
each other 

he makes me feel safe 
and important 
and loved 
and supported 
and most importantly 
he keeps me grounded.
for some reason,
when those closest to me 
say they love me 
I never believe them 
and I convince myself 
I'm alone.
but he always pulls me back
and for some reason 
he's the only one 
who knows how 
to anchor me 
when I'm slipping away.

I have experienced a love so strong 
it makes me complete
because I know 
he was meant to be my family all along.





(note: I know this isn't very good, but I've had 5 hours of sleep over the past 4 days and I just needed to get this out there.)


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