Safety Off

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Safety Off


The FBI and the CIA got ‘em

Good ‘ol boys in the KKK got ‘em

Even Doris Day got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


Kids in their daddies cars got ‘em

Rednecks in Dallas bars got ‘em

Sheriffs with tin stars got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


The white and black and brown got’ em

Old folks in mid-west town’s got ‘em

Even the Whitehouse clown got ‘em

But it don’t  make ‘em safe


Clint Eastwood and John Wayne got ‘em

The holy and insane got ‘em

I’ve heard that Citizen Kane got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


Shopkeepers in their stores got ‘em

Vets returning from their wars got ‘em

Pimps and two bit whores got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


The Washington Post and Fox got ‘em

Randy high school jocks got ‘em

Snipers in tower blocks got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


Heroes on TV got ‘em

The brave and the free got ‘em

Babies on their mamas knees got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


The Waltons and the Brady’s got ‘em

The good guys and their ladies got ‘em

Tupac and Slim Shady’s got ‘em

But it don’t make ‘em safe


Every Independence day got ‘em

Every bullet that goes astray got ‘em

The whole of the USA got ‘em

And they’re never gonna be safe

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 20th Oct 2017 05:20

Absolutely agree with every comment here.
Very clever and well done, Ian.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 16th Oct 2017 15:38

Slick`n about the superfluity of safety clickin` in a land of universal firearms

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 16th Oct 2017 13:49

I don't often comment on your work (my fault not yours) but I find this really compelling.

For what I term as a repetitive piece I think you've done a remarkable job of keeping the reader gripped with what's coming next.

And of course the change to the last line statement too. Perfect.

Personally one of your best for me.

Good work Ian.

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