Only in the dark I see the day.

Only in the dark I see the day.
I see the day when the sky is full of stars.
I see the day were you only hear the wind howling smoothly in my window.
The noises of the animals being alive; 
were you can hear only a little the waves of the ocean...
That's when I think of us more deeply. 
Only in the dark I see my dreams flowing closely,
telling me that dreams could be realities waiting for me from a far.
Realities that I could have with you my dear sweet love.
Only in the dark I see,
 visions of a wonderful life we could have.
Not fantasies nor melancholic tunes.
Just a life between the lines.
Only in the dark I see the day,
I see the day happening endlessly in my mind...


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 26th Oct 2017 16:56

This seems very true to me, the night offers escape and maybe dangerously so.

Do you do most of your writing in the still of night?


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