The Sea Dog



 He shouts at the top of his lungs

 I scurry


Through soggy sand

Tripping over sea-softened

Splitting wooden posts

In my eagerness to see what’s happened

“What is it Dad?”

“What’s happened?!”

I stop.

Puffing and panting


Against the sun

I see him

Sat on the sand

Looking flabbergasted

Pointing away 

Towards the sea

“I’ve seen him!”

“I’ve seen him!”

 He shouts

An actor so accomplished

He could easily give Laurence Olivier a run for his money

“Seen who?...who Dad?!”

I shout back excitedly

“I’ve seen ‘t’ sea dog!”

Is the response I get

From him

Only now he’s on the verge of tears

And raises his hand like a petrified villager from a horror b -movie

Who’s witnessed a monstrous beast first hand

“He came out of ‘t’ bloody sea,walked up to me and ran back into it!!”

“Can tha see him?...he’s over there!”

I follow the trail of his index finger

And can barely make out a stick-like dog

(probably a jack russell)

A mere pin-prick

Stood at the edge of the vast sea

“I told thi he were real!”

“But tha wouldn’t believe me!”

He sobs now

Wiping his eyes

Still milking it for all it’s worth


I’m ten years old

And know better

But I decide to play by his rules

Sitting dumbfounded by his side

Shaking my head in mock wonder


(My childhood holidays are full of incidences like this,
Dad’s other favourite piece being the burying of scraps of change
when my back’s turned;
then pretending to come across lost treasure
and getting me to dig for it like a simpleton)



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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 26th Jan 2018 22:59

Very entertaining. ?

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chris yates

Sun 5th Nov 2017 18:53

Ha ha the sea dog he had us all with that one so funny and a typical day out at the seaside making your fun alas does not seem to tbe around in these modern times .
Great fun summer Southport days I remember them well.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 1st Nov 2017 19:38

Love these legends and stories passed down.
Great writing, made me smile.


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Tue 31st Oct 2017 14:42

Really nice and funny and I love the idea of your dad always saying these daft things to you when you were young.
My parents were good parents, particularly my mum but they didn't really say stuff like this that I can remember and its great and holds lovely memory for you

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Fri 13th Oct 2017 22:47

Very enjoyable true tale with great use of local inflexions Jon. He sounds like a true extrovert and the sort of Dad I would have appreciated.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 13th Oct 2017 12:38

Not to mention 'an affectionate nod' to your father. He had imagination and the desire to interact with his son, likely knowing he wasn't fooling you for a minute. Playing together is the best kind of bonding ever. I'm sure he knew that. I'm presuming you got to keep the 'change'.

How do you think you got your creative genes?

Really enjoyed this poem, both its subject matter and its rich language, its verve - full of action.

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Philip Stevens

Fri 13th Oct 2017 09:59

Liked it john... right up until your epilogue and that word " simpleton"

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Thu 12th Oct 2017 21:58

My Dad and his funny ways! The Sea dog was a fictitious creature he told us of that he'd supposedly seen somewhere down the beach at Rossall.
Some kind of mythical animal that came from the sea and returned to it afterwards.
Not a clue where he got the inspiration from but rumours of it's existence have been passed on to other family members as well.
This is just an affectionate nod to the supernatural beast.

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